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Intelligent Learning

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At the core of Saba’s Intelligent Learning platform is TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, who learns about each person’s responsibilities and aspirations. TIM then recommends relevant classes, content and experts to help them succeed.

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Intelligent Learning

Saba is the only LMS that uses intelligent learning technology, specifically, patent-pending machine learning algorithms that help Saba get smarter about your learners and automatically provide relevant recommendations about the people, content and ideas that will help your employees be more productive on the job and develop in their careers. Intelligent learning is personified by TIM, The Intelligent Mentor. In addition to providing recommendations through a browser and via mobile app, TIM encourages each learner to keep their profile up to date, share their career goals, and self-assess for skills that relate to their current and desired positions, because as TIM learns more about you, he will provide more relevant recommendations.

Not only do your learners benefit from intelligent learning, but you will also gain greater insight into your workforce with a better understanding of their skills and aspirations. Intelligent learning helps you build more targeted programs for specific business objectives.