Brochure - Saba Corporate Overview

Building the Workforce of the Future

Every day, the pace of change increases. In the next 20 years, nearly half of today’s jobs will be obsolete, and new jobs requiring new skills will define the leading companies. Saba’s Intelligent Talent Management solution is designed to ensure that your company will not only survive today, but thrive in the tomorrows to come.

Saba—A Global Leader in Talent Management

A leader in the talent management industry for more than 16 years, Saba recently took advantage of the latest technology to re-architect our Saba Cloud platform and reinvent talent management. Saba also reinvented its own culture, with a new CEO, new CTO, and new executive role, Chief Customer Officer.

What’s not new is our passion for developing people. We believe that people are the center of an organization’s competitive strategy, so we strive to help our customers re-think their talent management processes to empower, engage and inspire employees to drive better business results across the company.