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Three Stories: Learning That Leads to Employee Engagement

June 7, 2017, Alex Vaccaro - Check out three Saba customers who are creating game-changing work every day, leading to greater employee engagement.
Three Stories: Learning That Leads to Employee Engagement

At Saba, we’re fortunate to learn from creative and innovative L&D teams from around the world. Among other learning achievements, our customers are developing first-class content; rolling out high-quality videos; and inspiring their colleagues to create their own personalized learning plans for greater employee engagement.

We’ve pulled together three great stories that showcase the game-changing work our customers create every day using Saba’s platform.  

Guitar Center Uses Saba to Make Work Rock

Guitar Center is dedicated to creating a retail environment where customers experience “The Greatest Feeling on Earth.” More than 13,000 staff members are connected with Saba for easy collaboration on products and musical services. Training Facilitator Tadd Dunn notes, “I love going on Saba and putting out stuff I find interesting; that I find involving and engaging—and sending that out to our associates around the country.”


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Sally Beauty Finds Fast Learning Adoption and Desire for Employee Development

When Sally Beauty launched its first-ever learning and development platform for corporate employees earlier this year, their goals were modest: they projected 20 percent of  corporate colleagues would complete one course within 12 months.

Eighteen days after the launch of the new “Thrive” learning platform, the corporate employees blew past that goal with 23 percent of people completing a course. A few months later, the adoption rate has soared past 50 percent. In particular, employees have flocked to leadership courses. Many of these employees aren’t managers, but are interested in career development at a personal level.

Yvette Birlew, Sally Beauty’s Director of Learning and Development, said, “Our colleagues are very interested in increasing their leadership skills, and we are thrilled to assist them. We’re preparing our future leaders!”

The Sally Beauty learning team is excited to bring first-class content to colleagues at headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The region was recently singled out by Forbes as the top of the “best cities for jobs for 2017” list. Competition for professionals is intense. With global companies such as Toyota and Boeing setting up shop in the DFW area, keeping the same status quo with Sally Beauty’s learning culture was not an option.  

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The Educe Group Relies on Saba to Create a Closer, More Effective Virtual Team

Creating tight-knit virtual teams takes work—especially when team members are geographically dispersed. After implementing the Saba platform, one of the founding partners, Nyla Reed, said it became a place where employees freely shared ideas and helped troubleshoot client concerns. Client responses came faster because of employee platform engagement, which increased client satisfaction.

“Almost immediately, we noticed that Saba Cloud gave us a faster response time on client issues. We finally had a place where could throw a question out to our entire community and people responded instantly,” Nyla said.

More engaged employees, faster client response times and a closer community—The Educe Group was able to enjoy all three of these business benefits.

Watch the video below to hear Nyla Reed share how they use Saba to accelerate the effectiveness of their team.



Read the Case Study

Are You Looking for a Better Way to Engage Employees?

Customers such as Guitar Center, RescueSCG and The Educe Group inspire all of us at Saba with their innovative approaches to talent management. If you’re looking to achieve similar success in how your organization engages your people, then download our whitepaper, “The Case for Intelligent Talent Management.” It’s a great resource if your organization is considering the move to a more proactive, personalized approach to hiring, developing and inspiring employees.

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