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Economic recovery: changing the way we develop talent

April 4, 2014, Robin Martin -
Economic recovery: changing the way we develop talent

The latest Global Human Capital Trends report from Bersin* contains some dramatic stuff. Not the least of which is the contention that 2014 will be a turning point when global recession ends and a new dawn leaps out at us. Retrenchment is being replaced by investment. The need for caution has been superseded by the need to take action.

Yet as the economic recovery begins, the report says businesses are realising that today’s workforce has changed. Skills are scarce, workers have high expectations, and Millennials are in charge. But older workers remain engaged and valuable contributors. Critical new skills will be scarce forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people and develop capabilities.

Bersin goes on to say that leadership retention, HR skills and talent acquisition are already urgent issues, and will continue to grow as a challenge on a global basis. The survey also reveals that companies feel they are far from ready to respond to these trends. Possibly one of the reasons why they also feel that leadership development is the top priority in both developed and growing economies.

Bersin reports are inevitably well researched and do not draw conclusions lightly. It is for these  reasons that the forthcoming Saba @Work 2014 Summit (Orlando from April 7-10) may be one of its most important ever events. Saba is looking to ignite discussions about the transformation taking place in today's talent management practices by showcasing intelligent talent management solutions. Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, of Bersin will be speaking, as will Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness and Culture Book Creator and many other leading lights in the sector.

We will of course be bringing you some of the highlights of the conference in this blog in the forthcoming days. But meanwhile you can watch the keynote sessions on Tuesday live via webcast by registering here.

*Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-century workforce. A report by Deloitte Consulting LLP and Bersin by Deloitte

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