Workforce Transition

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Reductions in force, reorganizations and mergers are never easy. To help manage the process and minimize risk, Planning@Work delivers the tools to simplify the planning and implementation of these workforce transitions with transparency, consistency and proactive compliance.

  • Separation manager
  • Fair and legal decision support
  • Decision workflow management
  • Compliance management
  • Secure messaging and portals
  • Separation package writer
  • HR systems synchronization

Workforce Transition

Planning for an organizational change brings both opportunity and risk.  It's never easy to reorganize, make reductions in force or sort through mergers and acquisitions.

With so much at stake, Saba makes sure to deliver what you need most in planning for change- transparency, consistency and proactive compliance, allowing you to minimize risk and focus on business as usual.

Fuel the best decisions, while staying aligned and in compliance with Saba's comprehensive workforce transition management tools.

Select the proper people based on legal criteria, create effective communications, tailor packages to specific needs and efficiently manage the entire process, making even the most difficult organizational transitions run smoothly.

Workforce Transition Tools:

  • Separation manager - Track and record all aspects of a separation event, including goals, populations for consideration and roles, such as evaluators and approvers. Understand the timing and impact of proposed actions on costs, protected classes and diversity.
  • Fair and legal decision support - Evaluate employees based on criteria to be used in retention or termination decisions, enabling fair, legal and fact-based decision-making.
  • Decision workflow management - Collaborate with relevant stakeholders using tight, system-defined security rules and workflows in order to share important employee information and make the best decisions possible.
  • Compliance management - Stay compliant with diverse internal business rules and external regulations. Use union, contract and employment terms to ensure that the correct rules are applied to each individual.  Let the system track compliance with WARN, OWBPA, SOX-404 and other external regulatory requirements.
  • Secure messaging and portals- Use secure messages and personalized employee portals so all affected employees know exactly where they stand and what their options are.  
  • Separation package writer - Customize separation packages with individual employees’ information and severance calculations, which, can be easily recalculated if conditions change.
  • HR systems synchronization–The synchronization across multiple systems automates the initiation of outplacement benefits, end of payroll payments and information system access.

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