Workforce Modeling

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Workforce modeling simplifies organizational design by integrating workers from acquisitions and helping manage growth. You can easily craft plans and understand their business impact — whether you are reorganizing the entire company, restructuring a business unit or replacing a key individual.

  • Organization modeler
  • Intuitive comparison and modeling tools
  • Dynamic budget, salary and headcount modeling
  • Built-in workflows and collaboration
  • Document plans and delta reports

Workforce modeling

Planning for growth, reorganization or acquisitions can get complex quickly. With Saba, you can easily craft plans for changing the entire company, restructuring a business unit or replacing a key individual. Planning@Work lets you copy current views of your organization, create multiple new scenarios and compare them side-by-side to choose the best structure for the future.

The workforce modeling capabilities also help you understand key impacts of the new organizational structure on budget, span of control, vacancies and much more with formulas and calculations. To keep the process moving, you can share plans with other key stakeholders, collaborate on new ideas for plans and follow defined workflows for getting new plans reviewed and approved.

Workforce modeling features:

  • Organization modeler with multiple “what if” scenarios - Copy your existing organizational structure and create new organizational plans and models that can be shared and discussed.
  • Intuitive comparison and workforce modeling tools - Split the screen to compare plans or model two departments simultaneously. Easily move, add, delete and update org charts using drag-and-drop tools.
  • Dynamic budget, salary and headcount modeling - Key metrics automatically recalculate, helping you identify any issues, such as budgets, salaries, headcount or span of control, which are outside of set planning thresholds.
  • Built-in workflows and collaboration - Share plans with other key stakeholders, make adjustments based on feedback, and approve new organizational plans more efficiently.
  • Document plans and delta reports - Document plans and add organizational changes made in your HR system of record.

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