Workforce Development

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Uncover organizational needs with Planning@Work and then fill those gaps with Succession@Work and Learning@Work, by building and developing talent pools. Fast, sophisticated search options tap into Saba’s comprehensive people profile to find personnel you can easily develop for key positions.

  • People profile
  • People search
  • Talent pool manager

Workforce Development

With today's distributed workforce, building a leadership pipeline or bench strength for critical roles are more important and challenging than ever.

Are your next-generation leaders next door, five thousand miles away or still unknown to your company? How long does it take for you to fill critical roles or develop the skills and experience of your current employees?

When you combine Planning@Work with Saba’s Succession@Work and Learning@Work, you can find talent inside and outside of your organization with Saba’s comprehensive people profile and robust talent-pooling capabilities. Build talent pools with fast, sophisticated searches filtered by performance rating, skills and experience.  Find high-potential people, identify skill gaps and assign bulk development to talent pools so your bench is ready to step up when needed.

Workforce development features

  • People profile – Saba provides a dynamic and comprehensive profile along with employee incentives, including optional gamification tools, to keep it up-to-date. The profile not only records standard information, such as title, location, work and education history, but also tracks actual learning and collaboration activities, which are automatically added as they are completed.
  • People search – Simple and sophisticated search and filter options let HR leaders easily build talent pools based on performance metrics, learning activities and traditional profile data.
  • Talent pool manager – People search helps create talent pools, while the seamless integration with Learning@Work lets you assign bulk and individual goals and learning activities.  Develop your talent into a proficient bench that is ready to step up when needed.

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

Saba Customer Success Highlights

  • Increased retention of key employees 50% to 60%
  • Accelerated innovation and speed
  • Increased sales 20% to 30%
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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