Understand Organizational Performance

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With Saba’s organizational planning tools, you can analyze your company’s structure and performance with information-rich organization charts and side-by-side talent comparisons. You can also model and track changes to the workforce and predict the impact on company performance.

  • Visualize your people data
  • Model budgets and other quantitative data
  • Intuitive analysis with heat maps and color codes
  • Find and compare profiles

Understanding Organizational Performance

Once you’ve seen the big picture, what do you do with the insights?

Organizational planning tools help you review, analyze and track organizational alignment and performance by creating information-rich organization charts and side-by-side talent comparisons. Track organizational changes and model changes on the fly. You can even gain insight into the impact key vacancies will have on your company’s performance. Monitor, understand and reshape your hierarchy with Saba’s extensive organizational planning capabilities to support your business.

Organizational Planning Highlights:

  • Visualize your people data - With Saba’s organizational planning software you can create multiple standard visualizations to track everything from basic salary and compensation roll-ups  and team performance, to types of workers or learning certification and compliance.
  • Model budgets and other quantitative data - Dynamically calculate formulas on a variety of workforce data, such as budgets, compensation, types of workers and span of control.
  • Intuitive analysis with heat maps and color codes - Set color-coded thresholds for key metrics to get an easy-to-read heat map view, allowing you to identify high-performing areas of your workforce and areas that need improvement.
  • Find and compare profiles - Quickly navigate organization charts in outline format or use smart search to easily compare employee profiles side by side.      

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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  • Improved customer satisfaction

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