Organization Chart Software

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With Saba’s organization chart software capabilities, you can easily aggregate workforce data from multiple enterprise systems. Then it’s simple to get the big picture by creating beautiful and accurate organizational charts, which are easy to share in PDF or PowerPoint formats.

  • Data aggregation from multiple systems
  • Workforce data management
  • Information on all types of workers
  • Boardroom-quality organization charts

Organization Chart Software

With complex HR data housed in many places, a holistic, big-picture view of the organization is often out of reach. Many organizations have a hard time producing an accurate organizational chart, much less accessing intelligent views of key talent metrics. With Saba’s organization chart software, your HR team can easily aggregate workforce data from multiple enterprise systems, create and maintain accurate organizational charts, and produce them in multiple formats, including PDF’s and PowerPoint slides.

Organization Chart Software Features:

  • Data aggregation - Combine people data from multiple talent management, ERP and HRIS systems into visual organizational charts.
  • Manage workforce data – The organization chart software will detect breaks in organizational hierarchy and expose missing or inaccurate workforce data.
  • Information on all types of workers - Include contractors, temporary workers, vacant positions, assistants and even matrix reporting relationships in your organizational charts.
  • Boardroom quality documents - Saba’s organization chart software lets you publish your charts into Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF formats directly from the system so they can easily be shared with everyone in the organization.

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