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Where do you go to find the talented people within your organization? Without the ability to aggregate and view critical talent information from all of your enterprise systems, it is virtually impossible to gain insights into your people.

Saba talent management systems provide you with a full set of capabilities to manage every aspect of workforce, organizational and succession planning. From organizational modeling and planning to building a leadership pipeline or bench strength for critical positions, Saba can help you see all of your people information in one place. No matter what sort of people-centric insights you need, Saba is your strategic platform for talent management.

Organization Charts and Visualization - Saba's talent management software provides the ability to aggregate people data from multiple corporate systems and build comprehensive org charts and visualizations of key workforce data.

  • Data aggregation - Combine people data from multiple talent management, ERP and HRIS systems into visual organizational charts.
  • Sophisticated, dynamic visual org charts - Understand and analyze all aspects of your workforce, including budget/salary roll-ups, span of control, performance and learning data.
  • Boardroom quality documents - Create and publish Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents directly from the system so they can be easily shared in executive meetings. 
  • Information on all types of workers - Include contractors, temporary workers, vacant positions, assistants and even matrix reporting relationships in your organizational charts.
  • Dynamic calculations, filters and conditional formatting - Dynamically recalculate formulas for budgets or span of control, and set color-coded thresholds for key metrics to get to the exact information you want.
  • Find and compare profiles - Quickly navigate org charts in outline format or use smart search to easily compare employee profiles side by side.       
  • Role-based and row/field-level security - Ensure that only the people with the proper authority will see sensitive employee information.
  • Archive and compare historical org charts - Support regulatory, legal and compliance issues such as SOX “chain of responsibility,” or track key changes in the workforce like age, gender, tenure, skills or diversity over time to identify trends and plan for future business needs. 
  • Maintain workforce data - Detect and fix breaks in organizational hierarchy, and expose missing or inaccurate workforce data.

Plan and Model - Saba's talent planning solutions provides you with the ability to create multiple organizational scenarios and measure the impact with dynamic calculations and conditional formatting to ensure you make the best organizational and workforce planning decisions.

  • Create multiple “what if” scenarios - Copy your existing organizational structure and create new organizational plans and models that can be shared and discussed.
  • Intuitive user interface - Easily move, add, delete and update org charts using drag & drop tools.
  • Split screen capabilities - Compare plans or model two departments simultaneously.
  • Find the right people - Discover people outside of your department and throughout the organization and add them into or temporarily stage them in your plan while deciding where they fit.
  • Dynamic calculations and conditional formats - Recalculate key metrics automatically and identify any key metrics or conditions, such as budgets, salaries, headcount or span of control, that are outside of set planning thresholds.
  • Synchronize plans - Stay on the same page with your source HR data as your organization changes.
  • Track changes - Dynamically maintain an automatic log of all changes made to an org chart as you work.
  • Built-in workflows and collaboration - Share plans with other key stakeholders, make adjustments based on feedback, and approve new organizational plans more efficiently.
  • Delta reports - Add any organizational changes made in approved plans to your HR system of record.

Transition Management - Saba provides a unique set of talent management tools to support voluntary and involuntary separations and make them as humane, efficient and fair as possible with Saba’s transition management capabilities. 

  • Define the parameters - Track and record all action of a separation event, including goals, populations for consideration, and roles such as evaluators and approvers.
  • Establish decision criteria - Evaluate employees based on these criteria to be used in retention or termination decisions to enable fair, legal and fact-based decision-making.
  • Make fair, team-based decisions - Collaborate with relevant stakeholders using tight, system-defined security rules and workflows in order to share important employee information and make the best decisions possible.
  • Track event progress - Understand the timing and impact of proposed actions on costs, protected classes and diversity.
  • Ensure compliance - Stay compliant with diverse internal business rules and external regulations. Use pre-encoded union, contract and employment terms to ensure that the correct rules are applied to each individual, and let the system track compliance with WARN, OWBPA, SOX-404 and other external regulatory requirements.
  • Clearly and accurately communicate options and decisions - Use secure messages and personalized employee portals so all affected employees know exactly where they stand and what their options are at all times.  
  • Create separation packages - Customize separation packages with individual employees’ information and severance calculations, which, if conditions change, can be easily recalculated.
  • Synchronize with all HR systems - Automatically begin outplacement benefits, stop payroll payments and terminate system access.

Succession Planning - Saba has rich succession planning, talent review and talent pooling capabilities. Saba is the right solution to help you build deep leadership pipelines and bench strength in critical roles.

  • Rich employee profiles - Capture all of the key talent indicators you need for strong succession planning, including performance scores, potential, experience, training, certifications, preferences, retirement or flight risk, and much more. 
  • At-a-glance org charts - Make projected hierarchies, promotion candidates, and succession time frames immediately visible to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Flexible n-box grid - View all of your employees based on any number of dimensions, from traditional 9-box performance to potential criteria based on your own unique views.
  • Perform formal talent reviews - Access flexible talent review forms and create process workflows.
  • Real-time talent calibration - Enable real-time discussion and calibration of all of your people with easy-to-read n-box grids during executive talent review meetings and throughout your talent review process.
  • Drag-and-drop talent pools - Drag succession candidates into pools after you view their profile in org chart views.
  • Criteria-based talent pools - Search your entire internal and external talent population based on selected skills, experience or other criteria.
  • Assess readiness and timing - Plan for the long term with a comprehensive underlying skill and competency framework, formal testing and assessment, and projected readiness time frames for succession candidates.
  • Assign bulk development - Ensure a strong leadership pipeline and bench strength in critical roles with leadership development courses, language or culture training, or training in specialized mission-critical skills.
  • Career path advice and internal job boards - Increase retention and put the power of the Saba solution in employees’ hands, with career path and development advice and access to internal job boards.
  • HR business partner capabilities - Help your HR team provide the type of close support your business leaders need to build effective talent plans for their organizations.

Workforce Analytics - Powerful workforce analytics capabilities can keep you on top of critical business requirements such as compliance, workforce performance or workforce planning trends to make sure that your business is performing optimally.

  • Analytical reporting capabilities - Easily investigate trouble areas by obtaining high-level insight into critical organizational metrics.
  • Establish benchmarks - Quickly identify, analyze and address “out of bounds” conditions.
  • Explore root causes of problems - Take a surgical approach to correction rather than making broad changes.
  • Drive legal and regulatory compliance - Stay up-to-date and within bounds of internal policies and government regulations such as SOX, EEOC, OFCCP, OSHA and FLSA via specific reports.
  • Explore key parameters - Identify any areas that pose risks to the organization, such as headcount, tenure, age, diversity or compensation, to avoid the risk of losing key skill sets due to retirement or illegally discriminating against protected classes.
  • Facilitate collaboration and fact-based decision-making - Fuel discussions with comprehensive, accurate workforce information.
  • Guide reorganization or separation events - Analyze your workforce prior to a reorganization or separation event to identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Optimize organizational performance - Track progress by using relevant metrics.

Mobile Workforce Management - Saba’s native mobile applications for most smartphones and tablets securely integrate with corporate portals and talent management systems and provide mobile access to key processes.

  • Portal integration - Integrate organizational charts directly into any corporate portal for easy access.
  • Instant corporate directory - Use search and org charts to find employees by name or title or retrieve email addresses and phone numbers instantly.
  • Single sign-on support - Log into your portal once and you can access org charts any time.
  • Secure access - Control access to features and sensitive data with role-based security.
  • Native iPhone and BlackBerry applications - Provide access to organizational information anytime, anywhere.
  • Web Services APIs - Seamlessly integrate with HR applications and systems of record.

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