Comprehensive Talent Insight

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Gain comprehensive insight into your people by enhancing performance and potential ratings with social metrics, peer recognition, departure risk, and bench strength scores.

  • Performance and potential ratings
  • Social metrics
  • Employee nominations and badges
  • Departure risk and bench strength scores

Comprehensive Talent Insight

Make better informed decisions with consolidated talent dashboards designed with managers and talent administrators in mind. In addition to performance and potential ratings, Saba provides several social metrics as well as peer recognition and role model nominations, giving a fresh perspective on each employee’s contribution and potential. With deeper insight into your people’s skills and capabilities, you will have a much better understanding of which positions and individuals are at risk and a much easier time building out the bench.

Talent Insight Features

  • Performance and potential ratings — In a glance, understand the contribution of each employee based on a composite score of performance review scores, potential ratings, rock star or role model nominations, and mentorship. Drill down on the contribution score to see the underlying metrics.
  • Social metrics — Only Saba Cloud provides social collaboration metrics, such as People Quotient (pQ) and Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA), that help you understand your employee’s influence as well as the value of their contributions.
  • Employee nominations and badges — Gain a new perspective on each employee by letting their peers nominate them as role models and reward each other with badges. Through crowd sourcing, you’ll be sure to discover rising stars, and that will help build out the bench for key positions.
  • Risk and bench strength scores — Prioritize your efforts on positions that have the highest risk or the lowest bench strength scores. Succession@Work provides a composite score for each, summarizing retirement and flight risk alongside the readiness of the employees backing up the key positions.

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