Get the right people in right jobs for better business results. That’s Succession@Work.

Innovative talent identification and people development tools transform succession planning from simply enabling organizational continuity to creating a truly agile business. Coupling traditional succession management practices with crowdsourcing, you’ll know your top performers, rising leaders, and all your high-potentials across the entire organization, so uncovering and addressing talent gaps is a snap. Empower not only talent administrators but also managers and employees to build personal development plans. Succession@Work will help you improve bench strength, increase retention, and ensure talent is a strategic business lever.

Succession Features
  • Innovative top talent identification including employee-nominated rock stars and role models
  • Intuitive succession and calibration tools
  • Flexible talent pool creation
  • Formal and informal development tools
  • Career development personal assistant
Succession Benefits
  • Comprehensive insight into your entire workforce — know all your high potentials and rising stars
  • Easily develop bench strength for key positions
  • Greater retention across the workforce as employees take ownership of their personal development
  • Time savings for Human Resources with innovative and intuitive succession and development tools

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