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Saba changes the project management landscape by providing your teams an integrated communication and collaboration workspace. By giving teams one place to share documents, presentations, and plans as well as hold discussions and even online meetings, the entire group is naturally all on the same page. Help your project teams stay on track and on budget with Saba's social project management software.

Saba’s social business software drives effective project management and superior team collaboration
Social project management features such as group discussions and integrated web meetings help team work better together.]

Saba Social Groups

The core of the project workspace is the Saba Social Group, which can be private or public and include internal and external users. Share any type of document with the group and hold asynchronous discussions. Get updates from the activity feed as well as through daily or weekly email digests.

Impromptu, Scheduled, and Recorded Meetings

When you need a quick answer, use real-time chat or escalate to a full online meeting and resolve the issue in real-time. Saba Meeting features an intuitive user experience complete with screen sharing, HD video, VoIP, and recordings. The social group wall shows everyone the schedule for upcoming meetings as well as links to recorded meetings, making it easy to catch up.

Social project management is more effective with integrated web meeting solutions.
Saba’s social business software uses simple yet powerful goal management to keep employees focused on tasks that will bring the most value to your business

Goals and Tasks for Team Performance Management

Saba’s social project management software has a robust goal-management system so project goals can be shared across the team and aligned to corporate objectives. Sub-goals or tasks can be assigned and tracked as well.

Team Performance Management with Impressions and Badges

When someone does something extraordinary, it’s easy to recognize them publicly with a badge and some praise. By using our social recognition tools you can add new layers to your team performance management. More frequent praise and feedback help keep team members engaged and productive.

Use Saba’s social business software to improve employee performance with continuous feedback, badges, and periodic formal reviews
Use mobile capabilities to make social project management even easier by allowing you to stay in constant communication with your team

Keep Projects Moving Forward While On the Go With Saba Mobile

Saba mobile clients let you review documents, post comments, ask and answer questions while out of the office. You can also use the Saba Meeting clients for iOS and Android to join and fully participate in online meetings.

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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