Social Performance

Make Performance Management a year-round everyday process and see its value soar.
Employees are happiest and most productive when they are making real progress on meaningful work. Saba’s social performance management software helps them do that by setting goals, providing public and private channels for timely feedback, and access to information and experts when they need help meeting their commitments. Companies using Saba Social Performance Management have a better aligned and more engaged workforce. The company and employees benefit from more accurate appraisals.

Goal Management

Align employee efforts with your company’s strategy by cascading goals from senior management down to individual contributors. In a click, you can replicate and link goals so they are shared among those responsible.

Flexible Performance Reviews

Saba's flexible review workflow is easily configured to match your process. Quickly write accurate, effective performance reviews with easy access to all the goal data, impressions, and 360-degree feedback.

Social Feedback with "Even Better If"

Saba's social performance platform features Impressions that make it easy to recognize everyday excellence in a public forum so your top performers know they are appreciated. And the EBI — “Even Better If” — option allows for private coaching, leading to improved performance.

Dashboards and Alerts

Social Performance Management dashboards help employees track their progress on their goals. Managers have individual and team views for both goals and reviews, so they know where everyone on their team stands. Human Resource Managers have access to a wide variety of reports, making management of the overall process a snap!

Access on the Go

Keep the process moving forward with access anywhere through mobile performance management. You can also provide feedback and get alerts.

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