Onboarding Today, Productive Employees for Years to Come

Forty-four percent of new hires don’t last 18 months and cost three times their salary to the company. Saba's Onboarding software allows new employees to hit the ground running by accelerating the orientation and training processes. Simplified goal setting clearly communicates the short and long-term priorities, and the social network helps employees connect with experts and find information so they can meet their commitments. Happy, productive employees will be with your company for a long time.

Clear Objectives

Set short and long-term goals and easily track progress through the personal and manager dashboards of Saba's onboarding software solutions.

New Hire Onboarding Community

Use Saba Cloud to streamline the new hire onboarding process by creating communities just for new employees so they can connect and help each other. Also, invite subject-matter experts to help with benefits, payroll, facilities, computers, and other issues.

Onboarding Resource Page

Augment the new hire community with a section on the social intranet with links to new hire forms, company policies, and other employee onboarding resources.

Communities of Practice

Assign new hires to subject-specific groups that are pertinent to their responsibilities. Here they can use the  embedded social network and onboarding system to find information, learn from experts, and connect with mentors.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Gather the new hires informally online through live chat rooms or Saba Meeting with multi-point video and connect and solve problems as a group.

Mobile Access

Let your subject matter experts respond to questions wherever they may be with Saba Cloud’s Apple and Android applications, reassuring your new hires with quick answers.

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