Customer Community Platform

A Social Customer Community - Greater Interaction and Faster Resolution

Your customers demand a fast response. Get them quick answers with a Saba customer community platform. You can post support documents and videos, and hold forums where your technical experts can efficiently address customer inquiries in a living FAQ. Let customers ask questions and learn from each other in your social community. You’ll also be able to uncover new opportunities and gather input for new products, helping you stay ahead of your competitors.

Saba’s social community software is proven to keep your costs down while enabling you to increase customer satisfaction
Saba’s customer community platform allows you to easily address the needs of your entire customer community

Flexible Website Architecture

Organize your customer community by product or by customer type or both — Saba's easy-to-create web pages and dynamic web structure can accommodate your needs.

Social Discussion Forums

Add social discussions wherever needed and follow the ones of interest with a single click. Also, you can easily refer discussions to subject-matter experts in your social customer community.

The social community software features social discussions that drive innovation and engagement
Saba People Cloud’s social community platform allows you to easily communicate with others in a single click

Real-Time Chat and Meetings

Use the chat feature of the social community software to help customers in real time. In a click, escalate to a fully interactive online meeting to solve problems right away.

Present Live and Record for Reference

Use Saba People Cloud to roll out new products and gather feedback with social web meetings. These online meetings can be recorded and automatically loaded into the customer community platform so others can view them at their convenience.

Saba’s social community software lets you easily start and record web meetings so your customers are better informed
Search through your business social network, view results, and filter them

Search and Find Answers

Search will index everything in the social community, including posted documents, comments, and discussions, so if the answer is there, customers can easily find it.

Mobile Access

Keep customer satisfaction high with quick responses via the Saba People Cloud mobile clients for iOS and Android devices.

Access your social customer community through any mobile device to quickly respond to customer questions and comments

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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