Saba Certification and Compliance Solution

Optimize your business certification and regulatory compliance efforts

Risk management can mean the difference between profit and loss, brand equity or brand damage and, in some industries, even an employee's life or death. Saba compliance management software can help your business mitigate those and all other types of risk. With seamless, on-screen access to the right certification tracking tools, processes and training, we make it easy for your employees, contractors and partners to achieve compliance and certification-and keep risk at bay.

Saba's people systems-combining learning, talent management and collaboration capabilities on a common platform-deliver a compliance and certification solution that keeps the workforce consistently compliance-informed and educated. And we make it easy to keep pace with changing regulatory environments.

Whether you're protecting against workplace accidents, guarding against unfair HR practices or complying with laws and industry regulations, Saba compliance management software minimizes the negative effects of corporate compliance processes and in turn we help you achieve greater productivity.

With Saba Compliance Management Systems, you can:

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer around compliance and certification tracking issues.
  • Deliver, manage and report on every aspect of your corporate compliance training strategy.
  • Track performance and results of human resources processes to ensure against unfair HR practices.
  • Design prescriptive rules and personalized learning tracks for specific job roles or individuals requiring compliance or certification training.
  • Streamline compliance reporting and audit response through consistent and systematic capture of compliance data with reporting, audit trails and e-signature capabilities.
  • Provide robust certification management to manage complex certification and recertification programs, paths and workflows.
  • Reduce compliance costs with online, virtual classroom delivery of compliance and certification content.

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