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People are the most important transformational element for any agency. Yet most agencies do not have the right talent management, collaborative learning, and people development technologies to fully harness the incredible power, energy, and creativity of their employees. This is why forward-thinking agencies are looking to a completely new category of talent management solutions to develop their people and power the transformation in their organization.

Whether you are part of a central government, local authority, or provincial or municipal agency, the pressure is on to radically increase productivity, develop a better understanding of public needs, and compete against the private sector for talented workers. With more than 100 public sector customers around the world, no other vendor matches Saba’s depth of experience in addressing the critical people issues that government organizations face.

Saba helps government agencies address critical people issues such as:

  • Aging workforce and massive waves of retirement through better knowledge management and training. Cultivating know-how and connection to capture the experience of retiring workers and empower younger generations.  
  • Constantly evolving missions and changing competency requirements through talent mobility and workforce planning.
  • Leadership development through succession planning and competency management.
  • Competition with the private sector through better employee engagement and retention.
  • Telework initiatives and more effective inter- and intra-agency collaboration.
  • Engaging the multi-generation workforce through advanced, easy-to-use applications and support for mobile devices.
  • Transformation to a results-oriented culture with performance management, goals, and compensation management.
  • Compliance with various international employment laws and certifications.
  • Accelerating information flow and business processes to provide better public service.
Proven ROI: Improve Customer Service While Saving Millions of Dollars

Economic slowdown forced IRS — a U.S. government agency with over 106,000 employees — to cut costs of meetings and training including travel and training budgets. Government mandates were enacted that learning and training should be provided electronically as well as looking for ways to cut cost. However, there is great need to have a highly trained workforce in order to deliver better services consistently. IRS is using Saba’s virtual learning environment for information sharing and real-time collaboration. The results: better trained workforce, cultural transformation to a more collaborative enterprise, and millions of dollars in cost savings.

Create a Culture Where Access to Training Is Desired and Valued by Employees

Santa Clara County Social Services Agency (SSA) — one of the largest public agencies in county government — had escalating costs from training requirements of its employees and external users such as nonprofits and community partners. SSA uses Saba Cloud to improve training management — more effectively tracking course completions for development and compliance purposes, reducing learning costs, and creating a culture where access to training is desired and valued by employees. The results: streamlined management of both web-based and classroom-based learning; automated tracking of course completions and certifications to meet state and federal reporting requirements and better manage individuals’ learning programs; efficient support for expanded e-learning within the agency, making training easier to schedule and greatly reducing travel costs; and fostering a culture where employees take greater responsibility for identifying and obtaining needed training.

Santa Clara County - Social Services Agency’s Story Read the case study
Improve Knowledge and Responsiveness to Clients Across Sweden

Swedish Social Insurance Agency — Försäkringskassan — had ambitious goals to manage an enterprise-wide learning program designed to improve knowledge and responsiveness to clients. Försäkringskassan uses Saba for their learning, virtual classroom, and talent management programs and manages an ambitious enterprise-wide talent management program designed to meet the needs of all 14,000 employees. In the first year alone 480,000 hours of education were delivered, enabling employees to more efficiently and effectively provide a wide range of benefits to clients. Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing facilitate informal workplace learning, and save the agency millions of dollars.

Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s Story Read the case study

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