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Healthcare organizations need to ensure that their workforce adapts efficiently to evolving regulatory and market requirements, treatment and technology changes, and ever-changing patient demographics. With Saba, they are empowered to manage the people development, talent retention, and organizational planning initiatives needed to thrive in this dynamic industry. Physicians, nurses, and technicians on the front line of patient care need to be properly trained and motivated. Administrators and management need to find ways of balancing quality, growth, and cost to sustain operations. And that is just the start.

  • Governance, compliance, and certification of clinical and technical staff: Minimize risk and improve clinical outcomes
  • Staff development and retention: Reduce reliance on contingent staffing, and achieve magnet status
  • Improve patient outreach and satisfaction before and after their visit
  • Holistic patient care through better online collaboration environment
  • Cost reduction and expansion of services keep clinical staff up to speed

Find, develop, and retain the right talent!

  • Accelerate the flow of information inside your organization through better collaboration and networking solutions
  • Mobilize your workforce across multiple systems, units, or locations to provide superior patient care and satisfaction
  • Cultivate knowledge management and an environment of continuous learning through formal training, informal learning, and social collaboration
Eliminate Redundancy and Improve Compliance

Kaiser Permanente, America’s leading integrated healthcare organization, used Saba to integrate multiple training programs, eliminating redundancy and improving compliance. Kaiser Permanente minimized costs and raised productivity by addressing different types of learning styles, skill levels, and time constraints. This blended learning approach provided employees with more freedom to schedule their training, using the most suitable learning method. The result: Eliminated costly and redundant systems and content, reduced time employees spend away from their jobs, and reduced compliance risks.

Kaiser Permanente’s Story Read the case study
Improve Patient Care and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Allina uses Saba to efficiently and cost-effectively support ongoing learning and enable better collaboration among medical professionals and staff to improve patient care and ensure regulatory compliance. This has resulted in a great ROI through reduced expenses organizationally — providing Allina a savings of approximately $250,000 for each all-employee course that is moved from instructor-led to web-based delivery. The result: 100% increase in unit sales for trained employees.

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Drive Significantly Higher User Adoption

Bupa, a leading international healthcare group, relies on Saba to power “Bupa Learn.” This global Learning Management System cultivates collaboration across continents and helps share knowledge and develop the skills of Bupa people through self-paced web training and real-time virtual classroom courses. Providing 24/7 access to online learning and virtual classroom for 52,000 users across multiple time zones, geographic locations, and languages has improved employees’ work/life balance while resulting in 40% cost savings.

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Realize ROI While Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Discovery is a leading insurance company based in South Africa providing health insurance, life insurance, wellness programs, investment services, and credit card services. With a widely distributed workforce, the L&D program needed to fully contribute to the company’s success and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Discovery uses Saba to support continuous learning for their growing workforce — while realizing significant ROI and reducing costs by over 25 million rand. Saba enables Discovery to easily produce engaging, interactive learning content in-house at a reduced cost while providing tools for collaboration and contributions to the company’s collective knowledge.

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Enhance Patient Care and Streamline Onboarding

Nemours, one of the nation’s leading pediatric health systems, uses Saba to deliver learning and training to provide enhanced patient care and improved staff efficiency. Nemours leveraged Saba Cloud to drive an award-winning training program for its practitioners to maintain a commitment to exceptional patient care and compliance with industry standards while meeting the growing need for children’s healthcare specialists through an expanding number of facilities.

Nemours’s Story Read the case study Watch video
Simplify the Way Physicians Obtain CME Credits

Springer Medizin wanted to offer a better, more convenient way for practicing physicians in Germany to obtain the continuing medical education (CME) training required in their profession. To simplify the process they needed a centralized e-learning platform with built-in scalability and an intuitive, simple-to-use interface to enable physicians to obtain quick results, even with minimal online learning experience. Springer Medizin uses Saba’s learning and development platform to streamline content creation, management, and distribution of required CME.

Springer Medizin’s Story Read the case study

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