Employee Leadership Development Support

Build a strong, reliable business leadership pipeline

Developing a strong pipeline of leaders is critical to the future of your company, and it supports your current strength by recognizing and retaining your high performers. But how well are you able to identify those candidates? And how easy is it to actually put them on a path to leading your company?

With Saba's people systems-integrating learning management, talent management and collaboration on a single, common platform-we take the complexity out of evaluating, identifying, and training your leadership candidates.

With our shared people profiles and other measurement tools, we help companies boost their talent intelligence with greater insight and evaluation of employees' skill levels, knowledge, and the strength of their connection to and influence over co-workers. Companies also rely on Saba to easily set leadership benchmarks, and quickly build talent pools, succession plans, and leadership training.

With Saba's leadership development software solution, you can:

  • Define a common set of leadership competencies upon which to rate candidates and identify talent gaps
  • Create comprehensive leadership development plans with formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Build employee leadership talent pools and formal succession plans to nurture your leadership pipeline
  • Leverage social network analysis to discover key connections within your company and evaluate potential leaders' internal networks
  • Use enterprise business networking to connect leadership candidates with executive mentors

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