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Saba combines social, mobile and real-time collaboration technologies into a single solution to make working with colleagues, partners and customers easier and more productive. Saba’s rich content and collaboration tools make it easy for teams work more effectively, and Saba also makes it easy to recognize outstanding achievements so you can keep your workforce engaged and productive. Stay connected wherever you are by giving your team complete access to your community from their smartphones and tablets.


Stay on top of all of your projects and company news through the activity stream and share important news to select groups or the entire company through discussions and blogs. Ask or answer a question, participate in discussions, or contribute new ideas and content quickly and easily.

  • Activity stream - Receive relevant updates and information continuously in your activity feed. Filter content by author, keyword and content type to quickly find what you need. Share thoughts, ideas, links and other content, as well as comment, rate and “like” all feed items.
  • Discussions - Start a discussion around an idea, issue or topic of interest from your home page, a group or an individual workspace. Your colleagues, customers or partners can add their thoughts to the thread when it is convenient for them.
  • Blogs - Share internal or external news with the blog tool. Give others the ability to share, reply, comment, “like” and even tag your blog.
  • Chat and presence - Get quick answers through text chat. Turn a one-on-one conversation into a group chat or join into a web conference with just one click.


Share video, documents, links or any type of content you like with select groups or the entire company. And if you are looking for some help, you can find what you need through filtered searches — unless the Intelligent Recommendation Engine beats you to it by proactively suggesting content and people to follow based on your interests.

  • Video channels - Upload any video into a secure video channel to share with a group or your company. Team meetings can also be automatically recorded and shared through a video channel.
  • Links - Share links to internal or external blogs, articles, certification programs, TED talks or any content with a URL. Add your thoughts and spark a discussion.
  • Documents - Share and comment on any document type, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and more. Automatically track versions so you can update without a hassle.
  • Search - Search the entire community space and quickly find the expert or content that you need because all content, including videos, documents, links, PDFs, workspaces, and comments, is indexed.
  • Intelligent recommendations - Keep track of your interests and get recommendations of people to follow or of content related to your interests. 


Quickly turn ideas into innovative programs and products by giving your teams one place to work — asynchronously or in real time — while sharing documents and holding meetings. Keep the entire company informed of the team’s progress and create shared workspaces and web pages for posting documents and forms and gathering feedback.

  • Groups - Give small and large teams one place to upload and work on documents, post related materials, and discuss plans with public, private and hidden groups. 
  • Workspaces - Create individual workspaces or a complete intranet. Create pages to share information and documents, no matter how much HTML each project or department lead knows. Allows for comments and make it easy to get feedback and answer questions efficiently.
  • Social web conferencing - Schedule an online meeting with the entire organization, a small group or an individual. Jump into a meeting with your project team and solve a problem or two in real-time.
  • Ideas engine - Leverage the power of the network to share and cultivate ideas through discussions, refine them, and vote on the best ideas.


Keep everyone engaged by recognizing their efforts publicly. Encourage productivity with personalized home pages where team members can track their activities.

  • Impressions and badges - Give credit and public praise to your colleagues for their accomplishments. Leave constructive feedback that’s only visible to specific individuals.
  • pQ score - Raise your pQ, or People Quotient, by contributing content and comments. Share more frequently or receive higher ratings on your content for a more positive pQ score.
  • Personal home page - Personalize your home page by selecting from dozens of widgets to help you keep abreast of what’s going on. Choose from a wide range of content sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, industry blogs and more.
  • Getting Started Wizard - Implement the Getting Started Wizard to guide new users through several tasks, including uploading a profile photo, filling out a profile and following someone.
  • Individual dashboards - Create and organize goals, tasks, and learning and development items. Use the dashboard to track your progress on each item.

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