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Quality content is critical to the success of your community, so Saba Cloud supports the widest range of content types and makes sharing simple and effective. Intuitive feeds and filters let you limit what you see to your needs and interests.

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  • Links
  • Documents
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Relevant Content and News

Saba Cloud supports a wide range of content sharing, including video, documents, and links. With a couple clicks, you’ve shared the item, and you also have the option to allow access to select individuals, groups, or the entire community. Optional gamification features encourage sharing and commenting, sparking greater engagement. And filters let you limit what you see to items relevant to your needs and interests.

All shared items are indexed so when you need some information, our predicative search finds your answers very quickly. Content digests keep you up to date on key projects, and leaderboards let everyone know what’s most popular and most discussed.

Community Content features:

  • Video channels — Upload any video into a secure video channel to share with a group or your company. Team meetings can also be automatically recorded and shared through a video channel.
  • Links — Share links to internal or external blogs, articles, certification programs, TED talks, or any content with a URL. Add your thoughts and spark a discussion.
  • Documents — Share and comment on any document type, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and more. Automatically track versions so you can update without a hassle.
  • Blogs  Share internal or external news and opinions with the blog tool. Give others the ability to share, reply, comment, “like,” and even tag your blog.
  • Search — Search the entire community space and quickly find the expert or content that you need because all content — including videos, documents, links, PDFs, workspaces, and comments — is indexed.

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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  • Increased retention of key employees 50% to 60%
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  • Increased sales 20% to 30%
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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