Real-Time Collaboration

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Sharing and discussing content asynchronously in the social network boosts productivity, but sometimes a conversation or an online meeting will lead to a far quicker resolution. Saba Cloud provides a range of options from text chat to online meetings and video conferences.

Real-Time Collaboration

By combining the business social network with real-time collaboration technologies, Saba Cloud users have a range of options to keep learning, performance, and work in general moving ahead. The unification between the social network and the online meetings and video conference means participants have one-click access to media-rich interaction and can discuss the subject before and after the meeting. Also, the link to the online meeting recording is automatically posted to the community and invitee’s dashboards so everyone can review the proceedings.

Real-Time Collaboration options and features:

  • Online meetings — Broadcast meetings to departments, divisions, and even the entire company so everyone is on the same page. Engage participants with media-rich content including slides, VoIP, and HD video as well as interactive features such as polling and chat. Recordings can be automatically posted to your intranet.
  • Video conference with HD  Through your web browser, you can view eight channels of high-quality HD video in your video conference.
  • Social web conferencing — The unification between the social network and real-time collaboration means the links to online meetings and recordings are automatically posted to the relevant communities and participants’ dashboards. Meeting organizers can request questions in advance so the meeting runs more efficiently. Questions and answers can also be posted after the online meeting has ended to continue the discussion.
  • Chat and presence — Through presence, you’ll know who is online. And through text chat, you can get quick answers, and if you need to, you can turn a one-on-one conversation into a group chat or into an online meeting or video conference with just one click.

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