Informed and engaged people will do great things. That’s Collaboration@Work!

Radically improve content, collaboration and communication with your colleagues, partners and customers. Transform traditional learning and talent management processes into true people development processes with the ability to tap into your entire network of experts, create agile learning content, or drive better engagement with social rewards and recognition. With Collaboration@Work, you will build vibrant, collaborative, social communities and start working better — together

  • Unified business collaboration platform with chat, activity streams, discussions and blogs
  • Better content management with video channels, links, document management, search and intelligent recommendations
  • Collaborate more effectively with social web conferencing, ideas engines, groups and workspaces
  • Drive engagement and recognition with pQ score, impressions and badges, Saba Pulse, and a personalized user experience
  • Mobile collaboration tools to communicate anywhere, anytime with full native applications for iOS and Android
  • Put a face to a name with HD Video Conferencing in Saba Meeting
  • Web Meetings
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Webinars
  • 30% improvement in access to information and experts
  • 20% lower costs for communication
  • 20% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 22% improvement in partner satisfaction
  • 25% improvement in employee satisfaction
  • 15% increased productivity

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