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Tuesday, July 29, 11:00 AM EST (GMT -4)
Administering Your Blended, Virtual, and On-the-Job Training

Duration: 120 minutes   Cost: $199

This 2-hour virtual instructor-led session will answer your questions about using Saba Learning for Blended, Virtual, and On-the-Job Training.  Topics in this session include: Creating a Virtual Class, Creating a Blended Class, Creating On-the-Job Training using Checklists.

Tuesday, July 29, 3:00 PM EST (GMT -4)
Measure Success with Analytics

Duration: 120 minutes   Cost: $199

Learn how to get the most out of the Saba Cloud Analytics.  In 2 hours this virtual instructor-led session will address the following topics: Saba Analytics Overview, Creating Saba Analytics Reports, Managing Saba Analytics Reports, Accessing Reports, Running, eMailing, and Subscribing to Reports.

Thursday, July 31, 11:00 AM EST (GMT -4)
Using Prescriptive Rules to Dynamically Assign Training

Duration: 120 minutes   Cost: $199

Our seasoned  instructor will take the mystery out of Prescriptive Rules.  Topics in this 2-hour virtual instructor-led session include: Creating and Updating Prescriptive Rules, Monitoring Prescriptive Rules, and taking a look at some Prescriptive Rule Examples.

Thursday, July 31, 3:00 PM EST (GMT -4)
Using Domains, Audience Types and Organizations to Structure Catalog Visibility

Duration: 120 minutes   Cost: $199

Do you want to have more control over which users have access to areas of your catalog?  Our seasoned Saba instructor will guide you through this 2-hour session as you explore different strategies for regulating visibility of the catalog to different segments of users.

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