Saba Webinar

Reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online presentation system that lets you quickly reach and engage large audiences

See for yourself how Saba's Webinar software solutions help companies and institutions reach their customers directly and effectively.


Before Your Webinar Presentation

  • Easily build online event registration pages
  • Create confirmation and reminder emails for your online presentation
  • Automate communications for webinar management
  • Track webinar event registration numbers

During Your Online Webinar Event

  • Clearly convey ideas with easy to use webinar software tools
  • Encourage attendee participation during your online presentations
  • Deliver webinars for up to 3,000 attendees
  • Automate the webinar system check for optimal PC configuration for attendees- for the best possible web presentation experience
  • The webinar meeting leader can tune bandwidth to optimize event delivery online and in real-time

After Your Online Seminar

  • Record, edit, and post your webinar presentations for later playback or new lead generation
  • Automatically follow up with online seminar attendees and registrants
  • Pass leads to your sales team quickly by exporting webinar LMS software data to your CRM
  • Proven architecture on-premise/private cloud and on-demand/public cloud implementations

HD Video & VoIP

  • H.264 based high definition video conferencing
  • View up to 8 streams simultaneously
  • Dock and undock resizable viewer with vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Low network bandwidth
  • Integrate VoIP two-way audio for seamless viewing and audio interaction
  • No hardware configuration and no telephony costs

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