Saba Real-time Social Collaboration Suite


One Unified App - Multiple Personalities

  • Share expertise, training content, and recorded live sessions with Saba Real-time Collaboration Suite.
  • Watch live or recorded HD videos and use VoIP for quality audio conferencing.
  • Detailed reports and analytics, online polls, surveys, tests and breakout rooms increase productivity and create a highly interactive and socially collaborative experience.
  • Access meetings, webinars, and classes from Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android smartphones and tablets.

Saba Meeting

The Saba Meeting user interface replicates the dynamic interaction of on-site meetings with integrated VoIP and HD video, no telephony costs, easy application sharing with markup, animated PowerPoint slides, whiteboards, instant surveys, and text chat. You'll never miss a meeting when you're on-the-go with Saba's free mobile app- or if you do, simply record and playback previous meetings! Learn More


Saba Classroom

Saba Classroom helps instructors build e-learning classes quickly and deliver them effectively. Attend classes from your mobile device anytime, anywhere, or edit, record, and store classes for later viewing. Quiz, poll, and test trainees to ensure retention and track productivity. Breakout rooms with integrated HD video and VoIP allow high quality visual and audio interaction to enable socially collaborative teams. Learn More

Saba-Webinar-is socially-collaborative-anytime-anywhere

Saba Webinar

Event creation wizards and tools let you build custom, branded event registration pages quickly without involving your IT group. With four client choices - iOS, Android, web browser, and desktop - anyone, anywhere, can attend. After your webinar, record, edit, and post your webinar for later playback and new lead generation. Learn More

Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

Many companies today have a geographically distributed workforce. This makes effective interviewing more complicated. With video interviewing, hiring managers are now able to do face-to-face interviews with candidates regardless of location and can seamlessly add remote employees to the interview cycle. Learn More

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