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Many companies today have a geographically distributed workforce. This makes effective interviewing more complicated. With video interviewing, hiring managers are now able to do face-to-face interviews with candidates regardless of location and can seamlessly add remote employees to the interview cycle.

  • High-definition video
  • Multi-point video
  • Record and playback

Due to the lack of integrated video interviewing capabilities in the traditional recruitment process, most companies interview remote candidates over the phone, use Skype or an equivalent, or choose to fly candidates in for a face-to-face interview. These solutions either don’t give a full view of the candidate, don’t generate a record that can be added to the candidate’s interview file, or are very expensive. Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution is fully integrated with Saba Meeting and its video conferencing capabilities. 


Video Interview Functionality

  • High-definition video — Saba Meeting is business-grade high-definition video conferencing quality, not the consumer quality on free video solutions. This allows the candidate as well as the hiring manager to present a professional look and feel during the interview.
  • Multi-point video — A team interview is another important part of the interview cycle. But team interviews are difficult when the candidate or one of the interviewers is remote. Using the multi-point video capabilities of Saba Meeting removes this difficulty.
  • Record and playback — Because the video interview capabilities are natively integrated into Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution, the video interview can be recorded and added to the candidate’s file, allowing anybody on the hiring team to replay the interview and share their comments with the rest of the interview team.

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