Social Recruiting

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Often the best candidates are the passive ones. Enable your workforce to help you reach them with built-in social sourcing capabilities that let your employees easily share postings over LinkedIn, Facebook, and dozens of other sites.

  • Social media job posting links
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Support for referral programs

To win the best recruits you need a variety of tools. Employee referrals consistently produce high-quality candidates, so make it easy for your coworkers to reach out to their friends and former colleagues so you find the best candidates. Each individual promotion is tracked so you’ll know where the best candidates are coming from as well as which employee made the referral.

Social Recruiting Functionality

  • Social media job posting links — Links to the job opening can easily be shared to over 50 social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email.
  • Tracking and reporting — Know which networks refer the best candidates for each job type. You’ll also know exactly which employee made the connections, supporting employee referral programs.
  • Referral programs  Many companies have bonus plans in place to rewards employees for recommending candidates who end up getting hired. Each job that is posted on social media has a unique identifier that refers back to the employee posting the job, even if the posting was shared or retweeted. This ensures that the right employee will be credited with the referral.

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