SmartHire Assistant™ Functionality

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In other recruiting solutions, as hiring managers get to the end of the selection process, ranking candidates remains a subjective exercise. Levering Saba’s patent-pending machine learning technologies, Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution will make intelligent, data-driven recommendations on who the best candidates are and the suggested salaries.

  • Patent-pending SmartHire Assistant
  • Patent-pending n-box technology
  • Resume Parsing
  • Salary range recommendations

We first introduced the n-box grid as part of our Performance@Work and Succession@Work solutions. We are introducing the n-box concept to compare all the candidates you are evaluating. The candidates are ranked based on the average rating of all the members of the hiring team. We are also working on including machine-generated rankings based on the results of the screening assessment, resume parsing, and skill alignments. The benefit of using the n-box grid to compare candidates is that it takes the subjective guesswork out of comparing all your candidates.

SmartHire Assistant Functionality

  • Patent-pending SmartHire Assistant™ — Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution takes an average of the ranking each member of the hiring team gives a candidate and plots this candidate on an n-box grid, and thus provides recommendations on which candidates may be good hires for the job.
  • Patent-pending n-box technology — Saba has filed a patent for the n-box and the underlying algorithm used to plot and recommend candidates.
  • Resume Parsing — Saba will parse the relevant skills and competencies from the applicant's resume and will create a visual professional experience time line. Thus creating a uniform resume view for all applicants. 
  • Salary range recommendations — Saba also recommends the best salary ranges for the different candidates.

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