Job Requisition Management

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Traditional recruiting and applicant tracking systems are difficult to use, especially for occasional users like most hiring managers. Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution simplifies the process of creating and gaining approval for new job requisitions, so hiring managers and recruiters can focus on finding and hiring the right candidates for the job.

Job Requisition Features

  • Job requisition templates
  • Easy-to-use job requisition wizard
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Mobile approvals
  • Post to internal and external job boards 

Job Requisition Management

Too much time is lost creating and getting job requisitions approved. Saba has greatly simplified and sped up the process. A step-by-step wizard guides occasional users like most hiring managers through the process, and templates ensure consistency and adherence to hiring standards are met. The approval process is easy to configure and with mobile approvals, you’ll no longer lose top candidates because a key approver was traveling.

  • Easy-to-use job requisition wizard — Any hiring manager can create a new job requisition. The wizard is a simple, step-by-step web form. After going through all the steps, the job will be shown pending approval. Once approved, it will automatically be posted.
  • Job requisition templates — To ensure consistency and adherence to internal standards and regulatory requirements, job requisition templates allow for job families, essentially job coding by department, region, job board, or virtually any other designation. Templates can preload specific content and even offer guidelines. Easy to create, templates help speed up the requisition process.
  • Configurable approval workflow — The visual approval process is easily configured through a simple point-and-click user interface, making it easy to customize the workflow when necessary.
  • Mobile approvals — Everyone is busy, and even though we all know moving quickly allows us to hire the people we really want, sometimes system access is just not possible. Mobile approvals greatly reduce this problem, making approvals possible wherever you can use your smartphone or tablet.  
  • Internal and external job board postings — Getting your openings posted to the appropriate job boards, both internal and external, is a snap — simply check the boxes of the sites where you want to publish the requisition. 

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