Recruiting: User-Friendly Job Applicant Experience

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Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution greatly simplifies the application process, giving job seekers an easy way to apply. Your organization will see more applications and create a positive first impression for your future employees.

Applicant Features

  • Social sign-on
  • One click apply with LinkedIn profile
  • Apply with resume
  • Multiple application management

Applicant-Friendly Design

Traditional recruiting and applicant tracking systems are focused on the needs of the HR and recruiting team. They are not very applicant friendly. Saba’s Recruiting@Work solution was built with the job seeker and their application process in mind. This is important since the job application process is often the first impression a candidate will have of their prospective new employer.

Job Application Functionality

  • Simple sign-on with social profile — Job applicants don’t have to create an account to apply for a job on the organization’s career website. All they need to do is to log in using one of the following social media profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo! Once they have signed in, Saba will remember all the jobs they have applied for and will present new job openings they may be interested in.
  • One-click application with LinkedIn profile — Job applicants can apply to any job with their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will push the applicant’s information, including photo, to Saba Cloud, giving the hiring team access to all the relevant information they need to better evaluate the applicant. This LinkedIn integration makes the application process very easy and user friendly for the job applicant.
  • Apply with resume — Job applicants also have the option to apply for an opening by uploading a Word or PDF version of their resume. The resume is saved in the applicant’s profile and can be reused for future applications. Job seekers can also apply by pasting a text version of their resume in the application area. This has the added benefit that the applicant can make some changes to the resume and highlight specific areas relevant to the job.
  • Application management — To assist job seekers, Recruiting@Work provides a dashboard from which they can track and manage multiple applications. The status of each application is displayed, and interviews are also listed. Applicants can get more information on each by simply clicking the relevant link.

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