Social Performance: Elevate Employee Engagement

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Social performance tools make recognition and feedback an everyday activity, and with that, employee engagement and productivity increases. As employees become well known for their expertise, others will seek their advice so everyone has an easier time completing their goals.

  • Impressions and badges
  • People Quotient
  • Sentiments

Social Performance Management: Elevate Employee Engagement

With social performance tools, your employees can recognize each other publicly, earn badges, and leave private constructive feedback, giving nearly continuous guidance toward success without waiting for annual reviews. However, in the periodic review, you can easily pull in the social recognition and badges, personalizing the review process. Social performance tools encourage greater collaboration, recognition, and feedback, which all contribute to improved employee performance.

Employees can earn points and rewards for sharing information, participating in discussions, and recognizing and giving feedback to other employees. In addition to performance reviews, managers and HR leaders have additional metrics, content ratings, and People Quotient (pQ) that summarizes each employee’s contributions. Since these ratings are public, experts will soon be well known across your organization, so others can request help when they need it. When everyone has an easier time completing their goals, the company’s performance also improves.

Each of these social performance tools can be turned on when it is appropriate for your organization. In implementing Saba Cloud, each customer is assigned an Adoption Accelerator who helps guide your decision on which of these tools will have the greatest impact on your business. 

Social Performance tools:

  • Impressions and badges — Feedback and social recognition help engage and coach employees and can be easily dropped into a performance review.
  • People Quotient (pQ) — Encourage and track collaboration with People Quotient, an unbiased measure of value of each employee’s contributions.
  • Sentiments — Keep your finger on the pulse of team engagement and happiness with instant 
    social surveys. 

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