Performance Review: Efficient and Accurate

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The Saba Cloud performance review is quick and easy and allows for social and 360-degree feedback, giving an accurate and balanced appraisal. Simple to configure and manage, your HR team will be more efficient and have better data on your people.

  • Configurable performance reviews and review cycles
  • Writing, compliance, and spell check
  • 360-degree feedback and social feedback
  • Calibration

Performance Review: Efficient and Accurate

Saba performance review software streamlines the review process for managers, employees, and HR. Saba Cloud allows for flexible review cycles, multiple reviewers, and multiple forms, all easily configured through check boxes. The review forms are simple and straightforward, and if your reviewers suffer from writers block, writing assistance is there to help.  To give a comprehensive view of the employee’s performance throughout the year, reviews have the option to include goal progress notes and social feedback. By making the form easy to fill out and automating the performance process, your human resources team will have more time to work on strategic planning and better people data to inform their decisions.  

Saba performance review software can also be used to calibrate performance within your organization. Compare teams or departments and track performance history across your entire organization so you can eliminate manager bias and identify the true top performers.

Performance Review features:

  • Flexible review cycles — Stay in sync with the rhythms of your business. Whether it’s an anniversary date, calendar date, or something in between, Saba offers unparalleled flexibility in setting up review cycles.
  • Configurable performance review forms and ratings — Forms that fit your unique business needs. Configure multiple and/or separate sections and use your own goals, weights, and scoring.
  • Writing assistance, spell check, compliance check — A wide range of suggestions that speed up review writing and help you find the right words and stay out of trouble.
  • Review wizard and video tips — Guidance for new and returning users is available 24/7 and takes care of the most frequent questions.
  • Multi-rater and social feedback — Incorporate multi-rater feedback and social recognition from coworkers. Continuous 360-degree feedback can be easily dropped into a review at any time.
  • Performance calibration — Identify true top performers and ensure fairness in performance ratings and rewards across your organization by calibrating performance across departments. 

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