Team Performance and Mobile Performance Tools

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To assist with everyday performance, Saba Cloud provides employees and managers with a variety of tools that simplify team management and communication, spur collaboration, and accelerate goal completion. Teams work better together because Saba Mobile helps them stay connected regardless of location.

  • My Plan
  • My Team
  • Saba Meeting
  • Groups and Ideas
  • Mobile Performance Applications

Team Performance and Mobile Performance Tools

Saba’s performance management solutions not only help you set goals, track progress, and complete reviews, but also provide the team management and social collaboration tools that increase workforce productivity.

Each person has an individual plan that details their goals, progress, and due dates so they know what’s expected. Managers have the My Team console that simplifies communication and gives instant access to each person’s plan. Managers can assign goals to one or more team members, and the software will provide alerts on due dates and overdue items. My Team is also integrated with Saba Meeting so managers can schedule or instantly meet with their teams.

Saba Meeting lets any Saba Cloud user video conference share applications and documents. Using Saba Cloud’s social capabilities, employees can also form groups around shared goals where they can brainstorm and discuss ideas, cultivating the best into innovative solutions. Meetings, groups, and ideas help teams work better together across departments and time zones.

Saba’s mobile applications let managers and employees access these performance tools anytime, anywhere. With complete access to Saba Meeting and Saba Groups, teams stay connected, and projects don’t slow down just because someone is out of the office. 

Team Performance and Mobile Performance tools:

  • My Plan — Everything you need to be successful in one consolidated view. Create and organize goals, track tasks, close skill gaps, and access learning quickly and easily.
  • My Team — Monitor team performance from a bird’s eye view, where you can assign and check progress on goals and learning items. You can also meet with your team and nudge those who are behind.
  • Saba Meeting — Broadcast a company-wide meeting to launch the new performance cycle or jump into a meeting with your team to solve a problem in real time. Both can be recorded and automatically shared for others to view at their convenience.
  • Mobile Performance Applications — Saba’s mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets provide complete access to Saba Meeting, Saba Virtual Classroom, groups, and ideas, helping managers and teams stay connected while giving them greater flexibility to complete their goals.

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