Learning and Performance

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To address performance gaps, HR leaders and managers can easily assign learning items to individuals and groups. Saba also automates employee development by continuously making personal recommendations of classes, content, and mentors for each employee.

  • Individual employee development plans
  • Bulk development goals 
  • Performance-driven learning
  • TIM, The Intelligent Mentor

Learning and Performance for Organizational Success

Learning is critical in improving employee performance. Whether during the review process or throughout the year, Saba Cloud makes it particularly easy to build and add to development plans and will even automatically suggest learning and content to improve performance.

Organically built as one product, Saba’s learning and performance solutions allow you to quickly build employee development plans and assign learning from a number of places. Without losing your place while writing a review, you have one-click access to that employee’s development plan. Managers can assign development goals and learning events to one or more of their team members from the My Team console. Performance administrators, through flexible business rules, can bulk-assign learning items to employees whose reviews indicate insufficient skill in key areas.

Automating the employee development process is Saba’s TIM, The Intelligent Mentor. TIM continuously monitors the learning activities, content, and discussions, and for each employee, TIM factors in their career goals, current role, and skill set, and will suggest personal recommendations that may include classes, potential mentors, and relevant content from the social network.

Learning and Performance features:

  • Individual development plans — Ensure proper employee development, certification, and compliance. Easily built and accessed by the employee, manager, and performance administrator.
  • Bulk employee development goals — To close performance gaps, managers can easily assign employee development goals and learning items to one or more of their team members. Performance administrators, through flexible business rules, can bulk-assign learning items to employees whose performance in key areas requires further development.
  • Performance-driven learning — In addition to bulk goals based on review ratings, managers can assign specific learning events and content while writing the performance review, without leaving the appraisal form.
  • TIM, The Intelligent Mentor — TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, is Saba’s personification of our patent-pending machine learning algorithms that continuously monitors your company’s learning activities, content, and discussions, and recommends relevant classes, items and mentors to each employee based on their short term objectives and career goals.

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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