Goal Management: Align and Thrive

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With Performance@Work's simplified goal setting, alignment, and progress tracking, your employees know what’s expected of them and their efforts are aligned to business objectives. Management always has an accurate view of key initiatives and can easily adjust goal plans as needed.

  • Quick and bulk goals
  • Cascade and align goals
  • SMART goals
  • Track goals
  • Goal management dashboards and reports

Goal Management: Planning for Success

The greatest achievements always begin with a plan, and a good plan always includes goals. Saba goal management software helps you set the goals that mark the path to success for your people. 

Creating goals and aligning them with your organization’s strategy is a great way to ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them and they are working on the right things. Saba Cloud goal management is straightforward – goals can be created in a couple clicks and aligned to corporate objectives with two more. Human resources and management have instant insight on progress and can easily course-correct as necessary. When objectives are clear and goals are accomplished, employee satisfaction soars, and the company’s bottom line improves!

Goal Management features:

  • Quick goals — Set up quick goals for yourself or your team in a couple of clicks, and refine them later.
  • Bulk goal assignment — Assign bulk goals across teams, departments, and business units, automatically using business rules.
  • Cascade and align goals — Communicate your company strategy effectively, align your people with your goals, and make sure everyone knows what they need to do to be successful.
  • SMART goals — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals are easy to assign and track with Saba Cloud.
  • Track goal progress — Saba’s goal management software gives everyone a single page where they can view individual, team, and organizational goals. With easy filtering and graphical views, top priorities are always right in sight and top of mind.
  • Track all types of performance — Manage MBOs, balanced scorecards, and performance and development plans.
  • Social and collaboration tools — Tap into the power of the network to find experts, form groups, brainstorm ideas, and have real-time collaborative meetings to actually achieve your goals.
  • Goal dashboard and reports — Monitor progress across teams, divisions, and the entire company with real-time updates to dashboards. Set reports to run at specific intervals to help manage goal setting and tracking.


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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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