Employee Performance Tools: Accelerate Achievement

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In addition to helping set, align and monitor goals, for assistance in achieving them, Saba provides a variety of social and collaboration tools. These include TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, who continuously recommends classes, content, and mentors to help each employee succeed.

  • Expertise Location
  • Groups and ideas
  • TIM, The Intelligent Mentor

Employee Performance Tools: Accelerate Achievement

Setting goals gets everyone moving in the right direction; completing them creates excitement. To help accelerate achievement, Saba provides a number of employee performance tools. Tap into the power of your entire social network of colleagues, partners, and customers to find ideas, discussions and experts that you never knew existed. With greater access to information and people, your workforce can quickly get the answers they need to keep their projects moving forward. They can easily form groups to collaborate, share content and best practices, elevating employee performance. Saba’s full suite of communication tools including text chat, online meetings, and video conferencing, helps teams work across departments and across time zones.

Saba is the only talent management vendor to complement its solutions with a personal assistant, or TIM, The Intelligent Mentor. TIM continuously monitors the learning activities, content, and discussions, and for each employee, TIM factors in their career goals, current role, and skill set, and will suggest personal recommendations that may include classes, potential mentors, and relevant content from the social network. More than just an employee performance tool, TIM will ask employees questions that will complete their employee profile. Employees benefit from better recommendations, and the company benefits from having better people data to help guide planning and resource decisions.

Employee Performance Tools:

  • Expertise location — Tap into the power of the social network to find experts and mentors you never knew existed to help you achieve goals.
  • Groups and ideas — Create groups to get work done, and brainstorm and cultivate new ideas with Saba’s ideas engine.
  • TIM, The Intelligent Mentor — TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, is Saba’s personification of patent-pending machine learning algorithms. TIM continuously monitors your company’s learning activities, content, and discussions, and recommends relevant classes, items and mentors to each employee based on their short term objectives and career goals. 

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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