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Retire your paper based forms and stop tracking goals and reviews with spreadsheets! With Saba Cloud, your performance processes will be more efficient and effective, and also provide greater insight into your people, making your business more profitable.

  • Reports and dashboards
  • Communication and training
  • Saba performance metrics

Performance Analytics and Process Management

Emailing reviews and tracking the processes with spreadsheets is not only inefficient, the lack of automation hides data from managers and human resources. At Saba, we’ve taken great care to make sure our goal and performance management solution is not only easy to implement, use, and manage, but also delivers your insightful people data. Saba provides a variety out of the box reports and dashboards to let you know how your workforce is progressing on their goal plans and performance reviews. These reports can be filtered and sorted on each variable – by department, location, job code, etc., and are also easily edited and saved, so you’ll quickly have data you need to run your performance processes smoothly and guide your talent decisions.

Saba is unique in helping out with another aspect of the performance process – communication and training. With Saba Cloud, you can easily create groups where you can post documents and record instructions to show you’d like to have the forms completed. (The recording can even be embedded in the review form!) The performance process group is great place for your managers and employees to post general process questions. By answering in the group, it’s visible to everyone, which saves you from having to answer the same question multiple times in email. You can also use Saba Meeting for a live kick off meeting, letting everyone attend, regardless of location. In this meeting you can present the program objectives, demonstrate the process, and review the schedule. The meeting can be automatically recorded and posted to the group, so everyone can review it at their convenience.

Saba provides performance administrators a talent pool manager that makes it easy to filter and sort your workforce.  In addition to the traditional metrics of performance and potential ratings, you’ll also see a summary of peer recognition – both badges and role model nominations, and social contribution measures like the patent pending People Quotient or pQ score.  The peer recognition and social metrics give you a deeper understanding of each employee and can be extremely valuable in informing talent decisions. And smarter decisions about your people will result in better business outcomes.

Analytics and Process Management Tools

  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards — The standard set of reports and dashboards covers the great majority of reporting needs, including goal progress, performance review status by department, employee performance ratings, etc. The reports can be easily copied and edited to provide insights into related areas.
  • Custom and ad hoc reports — Modify existing or create new reports from scratch with our intuitive report editor.
  • Communication and training — Use Saba’s integrated communication and collaboration tools so your managers and employees understand the goal and performance processes and have an easy time getting their questions answered. With Saba Meeting, you can run kick off meetings, demonstrate the process, and review the due dates. You can also easily create and embed help videos right into the performance review form!
  • Saba performance metrics Gain deeper insights with peer ratings and recognition as well as social metrics like People Quotient. These augment traditional performance metrics like goal achievement, performance and potential ratings, and inform your strategic decisions about your people. 

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As a leader in talent management, Saba Software provides an intelligent cloud-based solution to improve employee engagement, productivity and business results.

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