Learning Content, Content Management and Publishing Tools

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Great content translates into effective training programs. Saba Cloud was built so you could easily incorporate content of many types and many sources, including content you create, “plug-and-play” courses from Saba partners, video, and other web-based content.

  • Saba Publisher
  • Thousands of courses from Saba Content Connect ecosystem
  • Unified web conferencing with recording and publishing
  • Video and web-based content
  • SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can support
  • Content repository and management

Learning Content Management tools

Content is king. That’s why Saba provides robust content development tools, partners with learning content providers, supports existing and emerging content standards, and even allows for inclusion of informal content. With Saba Learning, you have the content so your learning programs thrive.

Learning Content Management features

  • Saba Publisher — Without any programming knowledge, create interactive, media-rich e-Learning courses and online training materials in minutes.
  • Unified web conferencing — Easily record video, screen sharing, meetings and virtual classroom sessions and publish them to video channels.
  • Saba Content Connect — Saba’s Content Connect partners provide a broad range of courseware covering job skills, leadership development, regulations, as well as many industry-specific job functions. The content has been tested to seamlessly integrate with Saba Cloud and select libraries are available directly from Saba. More information on the Saba Content Connect program is available here.
  • Video and web-based content — Saba Cloud allows you to include social, video, and other web-based content in your courses.
  • Learning content standards — Saba Cloud supports AICC, SCORM, and Tin Can content standards.
  • Content repository and management — Saba Cloud allows for a wide range of content and easy access so the right content is included in each of your learning programs. Access to content can be restricted by role, user attribute, or specific users.

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