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Mobile Learning

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Give learners greater flexibility by letting them use their mobile devices throughout the learning process. Online and mobile learning are synchronized, so learners can complete assignments and assessments at their convenience. Saba Mobile also supports full virtual classroom and social community participation.

  • Synchronized online and mobile learning
  • Mobile virtual classroom
  • Social learning
  • My Learning Plan
  • Intelligent recommendations on the go
  • Apple and Android applications
  • Enterprise-class security
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Mobile Learning

Many learners are no longer tied to a desk or to a schedule, so give them the flexibility to complete their assignments while on the go. Mobile learning lets them complete their coursework on their laptops, tablets or phones, even while offline! And then when they are back online, the mobile application automatically syncs with the LMS. In addition, learners have complete access to their live virtual classrooms and social communities from their mobile device.


Mobile Learning features:

  • Synchronized online and mobile learning — Start an e-learning module at your desk, pause, and pick it up where you left off on your mobile device.
  • Mobile virtual classroom — Participate fully with slide viewing, HD video, and voice with a single click.
  • Social learning access — From your mobile device, interact with the online community to search and view content. Learners can also participate in discussions, provide ratings and comments, and connect with experts while on the go.
  • My Plan — Learners have quick access to their learning plan, helping them stay on top of their due dates. Managers also have mobile access to the “My Team” dashboard, so they know who is on target and who may need help, and they can reach out directly from their phone — send messages, set up a meeting or even start a meeting directly from their phone.
  • Intelligent recommendations — Learners can review recommendations from The Intelligent Mentor (or “TIM”) when it is convenient for them.
  • Multiple platform support — Native applications for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Enterprise-class security and single sign-on — Mobile access to learning is easy and secure with SAML-based single sign-on for both online and mobile access. For sensitive content, administrators have the option to have it automatically deleted after a set period of time. Automatic time-outs, remote wipe and access PINs for the device are additional security features.