Learning Management System - LMS

Learning Management System

Hiring happens once, but employee development lasts a lifetime. You need a learning management system that constantly develops your people so they can grow with your company.

Built on a unified, open, global cloud LMS platform and accessible wherever your users work, Saba’s Learning solutions set the standard for online learning management systems. They bring together best-in-class capabilities for social and formal learning. These include certifications, compliance and continuing education; commercial learning; content development and management; informal learning; collaboration; an engaging virtual classroom experience; and powerful testing and assessment.

Saba's learning management system software enables organizations to support any learning strategy and align it to their business strategy while saving time and money with best-practice configurations. With Saba's global learning management, you can transform your learning processes from classroom and administration-centric processes to truly learner-centric processes that drive high levels of development and engagement for your entire extended people network of employees, partners and customers.

eLearning Administration

Saba’s learning management platform features deep configurability and robust eLearning catalog management capabilities make it easy for administrators to tailor the user experience and course catalog to match the needs of your business.

  • Decentralized administration, flexible business rules, and a prescriptive rules engine - Create a simplified user experience.
  • Learning demand and resource planning - Provide visibility into learning demand to help you align your learning management strategy and resources to your budget and the needs of the business.
  • eLearning course catalog management - Seamlessly update and manage content in one convenient place, and let learners easily find and register for classes.
  • Registration and transcript management - Manage and track course registrations and completions as well as learner transcripts.
  • Support for multiple domains and 36 languages - Means you can create tailored virtual learning environments by brand, division, business unit, partner or any other combination and deliver learning anywhere in the world from a single LMS platform.

Personalized Learning Experience

Enhance learner engagement and effectiveness by leveraging Saba’s superior personalized user experience, rich learning functionality, and unbeatable flexibility.

  • Domain-specific portals - Access related companies and organizations within your vertical.
  • Workflow engine - Quickly and easily allocate tasks and automate workflows.
  • Highly configurable user interface and user-defined graphical navigation - Increase adoption and enhance the learning process by letting the learner personalize their experience.

Certification and Compliance

Address complex certification,compliance and auditing needs, while reducing costs and minimizing risks, with Saba’s advanced compliance management capabilities.

  • 21 CFR Part11 Compliant; eSignatures, time stamps and audit trail - Ensure governmental and organizational compliance and maintain accountability.
  • Advanced certification and recertification management - Help the right people become and stay certified with convenient automated workflows.
  • Risk visibility through advanced analytics - Preemptively identify risks due to areas where you are out of compliance and take actions to keep business running smoothly.
  • Continuing education - Make employee development and continued learning a priority.
  • Prescriptive rules - Assign performance goals or learning (offerings, certifications, curricula, etc.) to people who fulfill specified criteria.
  • Multiple learning paths - Speed time to proficiency with progressive, employee-performance-driven training.
  • Support for global regulations like MTP and EU Right to Learn - Stay in compliance while training and managing a global workforce.

Learning E-Commerce

Offer high-value virtual training programs for a fee, and turn your training into a profit center by leveraging Saba’s advanced e-commerce feature.

  • Multi-tier pricing model for different audiences - Develop appropriate pricing structures to effectively monetize course materials.
  • Multiple currencies and multiple payment methods - Globalize and universalize your payment methods to facilitate the ease of transactions.
  • Shopping cart - Help learners purchase multiple products and add to or edit their cart before checkout.
  • Simplified order management workflow - Make monetization easy on the back end by automating and managing the process.
  • Discount coupons support - Allow for discounts, promotions and other unique pricing situations.
  • Unique branding - Integrate your brand with your course management system and any other selling materials for a consistent message.
  • Guest catalog - Allow users to search the learning catalog without having to log in.

Content Publishing

Create compelling, interactive e-Learning content that is seamlessly integrated with the Saba Learning Management System, by leveraging Saba Publisher Desktop and Online Authoring tools.

  • Collaborative, web-based course development - Help your teams work better together by creating materials collaboratively.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - Give your people the flexibility to work on their own terms and their own devices.
  • Version control - Restore older versions of work and share changes with coworkers.
  • Workflow and project management - Organize content and increase publishing productivity.
  • Content protection - Keep proprietary information safe.
  • Mobile-friendly content - Enhance the learner’s experience by providing flexible options for learning on the go.
  • Saba Learning - Aggregate your content in one place by publishing directly to Saba Learning.
  • SCORM, AICC and Tin Can standards - Meet multiple standards and specifications for web-based learning tools.

Unified Virtual Classroom Software

Create and deliver live or recorded virtual training sessions quickly and cost-effectively to employees, customers and partners by leveraging Saba’s Unified Virtual Learning capabilities. Improve learning effectiveness, increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership with an out-of-the-box, unified connection between Saba's Learning Management System and Saba Virtual Classroom.

  • Single administrative dashboard with unified reporting and audit trail - Analyze and understand the big picture with the small details of your virtual classroom offerings to maximize your ROI.
  • Blended learning 2.0 - Enhance effectiveness and adoption with a combination of face-to-face, virtual and social learning.
  • Native mobile application - Put learning in the palm of your users’ hands so they have the flexibility of both distance and mobility with native virtual classroom capabilities for Apple and Android devices.
  • HD video and VoIP - Give your learners the highest quality and best experience, even if they’re learning from a distance.

Assessment Software

Gain valuable insights into proficiency and performance of your online training programs, and identify areas of improvement with Saba Assessment software.

  • Comprehensive e-testing, e-survey, and reporting capabilities - Take the temperature of your training effectiveness with multiple methods of evaluation including support for the Kirkpatrick scale and 360-degree feedback.
  • Proctored sessions and paper-based assessments with fully automated processing - Make testing and evaluation methods simple so that they fit into your organizational needs.
  • Mobile delivery for iPads, iPhones and other devices - Put the power of testing in your users’ hands to increase adoption and make exams accessible.
  • Full versioning, tracking and auditing capabilities (21CFR Part 11 compliant) - Maintain accountability and iterate according to performance analytics.

Competency and Skill Management

Address the skills needed for specific jobs and tasks, deliver the learning activities to acquire or grow those skills, and ensure that those skills remain sharp with continuous testing and assessment by using competencies as a framework for your educational and developmental activities.

  • Rich library of attributes - Assess employee development with multiple proficiency scales, proficiency descriptors, establishment and assignment of competency groups, and powerful assessments.
  • Identify and close skill gaps - Fully unified learning solutions and assessment workflows tied to competencies help you automatically identify skill gaps and recommend learning to fill those gaps through assessment results.
  • Data import - Make it easy to load and update your competency libraries with your own content, or content from a partner.
  • Success plans, performance reviews, talent searches, succession plans and career planning - Create a tangible metric for success by setting goals in competency-based language and following templates for meeting those goals.

Social Learning

Combine formal and informal learning and access easy-to-use social LMS tools for identifying expertise and enabling contributions from people across the learning community. Significantly reduce training costs with user-generated content, and increase learning agility, user adoption and frequency of usage to drive higher ROI.

  • Enhance the formal learning experience - Create social groups associated to formal learning classes and provide the ability for students to rate, comment on and share classes with peers.
  • Make it easy for experts to share their knowledge - Easy ways to post and share links, post recorded content to video channels, and have lively discussions creates learning agility.
  • Find experts and mentors - Leverage both expertise and informal resources by enabling your learners to follow experts and community members alike, and to create a strong community of practice.
  • Social bookmarking, discussion lists and Q&A repository - Manage your content across the entire organization and give your entire team the ability to store, share and update materials.

Mobile Learning

Deliver learning at the point of need wherever and whenever your employees need it. Enable rich interactivity on mobile devices throughout the learning experience and generate rapid user adoption for your “on-the-go” workforce with the intuitive user experience of Saba’s mobile learning platform.

  • Native support for Apple and Android devices - Grant your people mobile access to social learning to find experts, videos and content to help with any learning requirement.
  • Access learning and track progress on the go - Give your learners the flexibility to take classes whenever and wherever they want as well as the ability to track their learning progress.
  • Offline learning with automatic online synchronization - Drive learning gains, even without access to the Internet, then automatically synch up the next time you are online.
  • Mobile virtual classroom with HD video and VoIP - Give your learners the highest quality and best experience to optimize the experience of learning on the go.

Leadership Development Planning

Identify and track high performers, analyze readiness gaps and create development plans to ensure that a new generation of leaders is ready to take over and drive business continuity and success.

  • Assign learning to talent pools - Identify future leaders and assign learning to entire talent pools.
  • Competency framework - Define key skills, evaluate skill gaps and assign learning to develop key bench strength.
  • Testing and assessment - Assess leadership development along with the effectiveness of high-potential programs and communities of practice.
  • Succession planning - Strategically plan to fill key positions by identifying and developing talent in advance of organizational change.
  • Talent reviews and calibration - Access flexible talent review forms and create process workflows to evaluate and calibrate all of your key talent.

Fully Unified Learning and Talent Management

Assign all types of learning and development activities from any talent management process using Saba’s organically built and unified talent management solution.

  • My Success Plan - Customize individual employee plans for achieving personal development goals and view all plans in one place.
  • Onboarding curriculum - Accelerate new hire productivity with custom onboarding curriculum.
  • Employee Development - Assign continuous learning and development from performance management processes.
  • Succession Planning - Assign learning to groups and talent pools for leadership development, and for developing bench strength in critical roles.

Reporting and Analytics

Get deeper insights into organizational functionality and support decisions about driving personal and organizational effectiveness with Saba’s advanced analytics and flexible reporting engine.

  • Custom and limitless ad hoc reports - Create, modify and implement branded reports as needed.
  • Dynamic visualization - Understand trends and analyze employee performance,
  • Define thresholds & KPIs - Simplify compensation by defining key performance indicators for measuring employee performance.
  • Analytics engine - Employ advanced analytical tools, including graphical representations and dynamic drill down and real-time adjustment of data views, to gain deeper people insights in order to see what’s working, correct course when necessary, and ensure greater ROI

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