Saba eLearning Software Improves Training and Cuts Costs

Saba Cloud is a premier eLearning Platform that combines both formal and social learning to create a blended learning experience. Using a blended eLearning system is proven to improve knowledge retention and student learning, and has been confirmed by Bersin and Associates to drive up to a 700% return on investment.

eLearning Certification and Compliance

Saba's eLearning software handes the most demanding learning programs and needs. Saba even offers eLearning programs that address the most complex certification, compliance and auditing, while also reducing risk and automating continuous employee development.

Accelerate Employee Performance With Blended eLearning Software

Improve productivity and learning effectiveness with a completely integrated eLearning System that combines instructor-led, self-paced, virtual classroom, mobile and online forums into a single seamless eLearning experience.

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Assess Learning Effectiveness With Saba eLearning Solutions

Gain insight into your eLearning and online training programs to discover areas for improvement and enhancement. Use features such as 360 degree social commenting, comprehensive eTesting, proctored sessions, eSurveys and more.

Access all Onboarding and Training Materials with Saba eLearning

Create compelling eLearning course content that is seamlessly integrated within your eLearning Software to make it easier and more cost effictive to onboard and train employees. Use Saba's eLearning Management System  to scale these activities across your company, letting users contribute their documents and insights to your People Cloud. Following others, finding groups of interest, and of course the search function help you easily onboard and train employees.

Mobile eLearning Support

Learning shouldn’t stop because you’re out of the office. Saba's mobile eLearning client keeps learners connected and engaged wherever they may be to help you get the most out of your employees.

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