With the Spring 2014 release, Saba strengthens its leadership in talent management by adding intelligent, innovative capabilities to Saba Cloud.

What Makes Saba Cloud Intelligent? 


The Spring 2014 release builds on the existing social, collaborative, and gamification capabilities with new features that make the user experience in Saba Cloud even more engaging.

With new browser-based video conferencing capabilities, customizable badges, new learning calendar views, and many more usability enhancements, Saba Cloud makes working together easier, more interactive and even fun.

Add to this incredible mobile apps for your Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and Saba Cloud is more irresistible than ever. 

Saba is Mobile


Tim the Intelligent Mentor

With the Spring 2014 Release, Saba is extending the predictive capabilities of TIM to Recruiting@Work

TIM “The Intelligent Mentor” helps your employee excel in their jobs and succeed in their careers by finding relevant information and classes and making personal recommendations. TIM’s work is based on machine learning algorithms similar to those used by Netflix to recommend movies or Amazon to suggest items.

And as a personal assistant with a keen interest in talent management, TIM now provides managers with intelligent hiring recommendations and predicts which candidates are the best matches for your open positions. 


With the Spring 2014 release, Saba introduces the Saba MarketPlace, eliminating the complexity of integrating 3rd party applications with Saba.

The Saba MarketPlace is an application exchange where pre-built integrations with HRIS and other enterprise applications can be enabled with a simple drag and drop action. Once enabled, these applications appear in the Home, Me and My Team tabs, creating great added value to end-users without complicating the user experience.

Some of the integrations enabled in the Saba Marketplace are Workday, Cisco WebEx, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Monster and TalentBin.

Saba MarketPlace

There is a lot of new functionality in the Spring 2014 release.  If you want to learn more how your organization can benefit from Saba, contact us today. 





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