Saba Blog Author Profile: Katherine Jones, VP, HCM Technology Research

Katherine Jones

VP, HCM Technology Research, Bersin by Deloitte

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Getting Down to Business in Talent Management: The Case for a Unified Solution
Issue #1: Too much to manage. HR professionals are literally (well, figuratively) surrounded by too many separate applications to manage them well or economically. (Bersin by Deloitte research show... Read More
5 Ways to Attract Top Talent in Today's Market
I have a challenge for you:  go to your company’s website and apply for a job. Seriously.  Try to get through the roadblocks that you are very likely to face: difficult screens, laborious forms, an... Read More
Are You Ready for Your Workforce of Tomorrow?
Think 2020 for a minute—only six years away – but a light year away —or shall we say a millennium? -- in terms of who will be working in your company. Consider the facts:   Currently, there are... Read More

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