This week analyst research firm Aragon Research published its 2013 Globe for Real-time Collaboration covering the latest market trends in web and video conferencing.  Saba was recognized as a Leader for its secure, scalable and global real-time cloud with engaging mobile, social learning and HD video capabilities. The research note points out that the movement to integrate collaboration and social connectivity – including video – into business applications is driving additional demand. We agree and have been anticipating these demands based on the valuable feedback we receive from our customers, many of them global brands with sophisticated use cases.

In today's recovering economy, virtual classes, webinars and online meetings are proving even more valuable to increase engagement; rapid onboarding, social learning and talent development are vital to retaining valuable and costly hires. We enjoy hearing about new ways folks are using web and video conferencing solutions to build an even more productive and intelligent workforce. A few use cases that come up frequently are interactive virtual classes, gamification for increasing engagement, company meetings, video interviewing and proctoring.

The Saba Meeting platform has always been recognized for delivering high quality content while consuming the lowest network bandwidth. We continue this tradition with our H.264 SVC-based video conferencing capabilities and codecs. HD video is becoming the norm as the new mobile devices now come equipped with high quality cameras.

Also, today’s mobile and social workforce want to use their own mobile devices to access information and expertise in real-time anywhere anytime on the go. Training tools are also changing - with less one-way lecturing and more interactivity using social, video, chat, markup, poll and mobile tools. Social learning tools make sharing new skills, techniques or best practices simple and instant. Virtual learning environments and webcasts have become highly interactive, and they make finding coursework, expertise, contacts or discussions an enjoyable diversion, rather than a chore.

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The biggest hurdle to adoption of these types of solutions & increased engagement remains ease-of-use and lack of fun using them. See why busy employees and L&D professionals are excited about our Saba Real-time Collaboration Cloud and mobile virtual classroom with video and social learning DNA.

I encourage you to click on this link and check it out for yourself.