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Saba People Cloud for Android and iOS Update

November 28, 2012, Michael Chou -

On behalf of the Saba Mobile Team, I am proud to announce that Saba People Cloud users can now download the new People Cloud Android Application on Google Play. It's available today on phones and tablets with Android version 2.3 and above.

Since launching Saba People Cloud on iPhone and iPad earlier this year, thousands of users have engaged with their co-workers on-the-go using our native application available in the Apple App Store. The Mobile collaboration application is the easiest way to like and share activities, start meetings, send/receive private messages, view profiles, and complete many other activities.  We've been pleased with the high level of engagement we've seen from our users.


Built for Android

Saba People Cloud for Android ensures that Android users no longer have to look at their iOS co-workers with envy. Extending to Android devices magnifies our reach and will accelerate adoption and usage of Saba People Cloud across all screens.

It's no secret that Android has exploded in popularity worldwide. In recent reports, device makers using Google's Android shipped a staggering 136 million units worldwide in Q3 2012, capturing 75% of worldwide smartphone shipments. Android is turning out to be a juggernaut that's showing no signs of slowing down and we're excited to be on this platform.


Saba People Cloud on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus 7 Tablet

We've adapted and optimized the Saba People Cloud application for both Android phones and tablets.  This native application is custom built for Android from the ground up with performance and Mobile usability in mind:

  • - Stay up-to-date with people in and out of your network through the activity feed
  • - Schedule and join Saba Meeting events directly on your Mobile device
  • - Search for people, groups, and messages to discover information when you need it
  • - Join and follow groups wherever you are
  • - Share and discover content across your network
  • - Send and receive private messages to anybody within your Company


New iPhone and iPad version also available

We've also updated Saba People Cloud on the Apple App Store to version 1.2.  Our team has been working hard to improve the functionality, performance, and stability of the application and we're tremendously proud of this release.  We believe you will be happy with this release as well.iPhone 5 support– This version is optimized for the full screen resolution of the iPhone 5.Enhancements to Private Messages– Users are able to filter between received and sent messages, delete messages, and more easily see how many messages are part of the message thread.Most stable release to date – We've spent extra time on this release improving stability and fixing bugs in the application.  



Things to come

2012 has been a big year for our Saba Mobile Team; we've released Saba People Cloud and Saba Meeting applications across the two major Mobile operating systems this year for both phones and tablets.  We have many more exciting announcements coming soon, including big features like Mobile Learning, push notifications, and real-time chat.  We're all super excited about our upcoming products.





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