There’s been a lot of hustle and bustle around the Saba offices this month. As you might have noticed, couple of weeks ago we introduced a new Try & Buy experience for our users: However, this is just the beginning— we will evolve this site and flow to fit the needs of our current and prospective customers.

Along with the new site, you will notice new product packaging/names. Long-time followers of Saba will remember that Saba acquired Centra in 2006 and renamed the product Saba Centra. Within Centra, there are three types of “events” that you can host: a symposium, a conference and an eMeeting. Over the past few years, we at Saba, along with the rest of the industry, have been talking about these events using widely accepted terms like virtual classrooms, webinars and meetings. So, moving forward, we decided to put a new spin on the way we talk about our Centra offerings.

We have created three unique offerings, as part of Saba Centra Online Collaboration solutions.

- Saba Meeting (formerly Centra eMeeting):


- Saba Webinar (formerly Centra Conference):


- Saba Classroom (formerly Centra Symposium):


Looking at recent trends and media topics, it is interesting to see video chat getting more attention these days (mostly because of the recent announcements from Google+ around Hangouts, as well as news from Microsoft and Facebook). Similar to the recent Skype-Facebook video integration, Saba has built on our experiences with enterprise social networking and web conferencing to provide integrated video conferencing/meeting capabilities (i.e. Saba Meeting) within our award-winning Saba Social (Please see 2011 Stevie® Award Winner for Favorite New Software as a Service for more details).

Furthermore, Saba Classroom provides real-time collaboration, breakout rooms and e-learning capabilities embedded within business processes (like on-boarding, mentoring, and sales training) as part of Saba Social Learning (which won the Launch Pad Award at Enterprise 2.0).

Co-workers meet together quickly and easily!

Here are some of the feature’s highlights:

• Our latest version of these Apps now provide for up to 8 simultaneous video screens.

• The application continues to offer live video capability optimized for low bandwidth environments along with other web conferencing features.

• We continue to offer the best quality HD VoIP and we have now extended that offering to iPhone and iPad devices. Our mobile app builds on our light-weight web access client which makes entry into any meeting, classroom or webinar frictionless.

• You can schedule or start a meeting from within your everyday applications like Microsoft Outlook or Enterprise IM clients like Microsoft Lync.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and ideas on how we can make things even better.
Try it out! See what you think!