Saba Provides Professional Training and Education Program Creation and Administration

Saba learning platforms provide a time-tested methodology for providing professional training, employee skills expansion, and onboarding practices that work. Our experience provides your business or organization with a toolkit that contains all that is needed to provide an advanced learning strategy that is able accomplish your objectives reliably from the start.

The tools that we provide empower you to create, administer, and track the learning experience of your trainees, ensuring positive outcomes and learning experiences that trainees retain for years while allowing you to review, revise, and reformulate the source of those experiences based on prior outcomes.

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Content Creation and Management by Knowledge Leaders

The Saba learning platform creation and management tools that you receive are designed to accelerate time to value. Our field-proven project tools and templates ensure an ease of assembly and implementation so that your organization can create the materials needed to train and educate your staff. Our certified experts have experience assisting in the development of training materials across a variety of industries and fields, making them entirely capable of assisting you in engaging your organization’s knowledge leaders to create robust learning experiences.

Saba’s focus is on business outcomes that meet your organization’s objectives. By establishing success criteria at the beginning, we assist with the development of functional platforms. Excellent design, planned results, and an accurate understanding of the foundational outcomes necessary for your learning program to succeed are what set the programs created from our content creation and management frameworks apart.

Learning and Training Experiences Administered Accessibly

Saba engages your organization’s knowledge leaders in creating the learning environments suitable to your field. Once this platform has been established, the ability to administer the learning experience is provided by flexible, easy-to-use learning management systems. Our learning management software provides deep insight into learning demand and allows your program administrator to easily manage the functional aspects of the learning platform.

Easily import any type of learning content, create learning catalogs, manage enrollment, track transcripts, and provide a learning experience that is as engaging as it is intuitive. Learners can easily register and engage e-learning experiences that are designed specifically for your organization’s educational needs, and administrators can deliver these online learning opportunities via a variety of modern learning platforms. Record and broadcast virtual classroom sessions or provide community engagement in forum-style discussion with Saba Publisher or third-party authoring tools.

The administrator dashboard provided by our program makes all of the tasks necessary to launch and track virtual classroom, e-learning, and online training sessions. The ease that this provides ensures cost-effective solutions to your learning and training needs.

Education and Training Progress Tracking With Ease

Creation and administration of learning experiences are both important, but the results are what truly matter. With Saba advanced progress tracking methods, e-learning administrators can easily track the progress of learners to ensure quality learning experiences that adapt to learner needs. The ability to quantify an individual’s learning along established metrics makes this possible.

The variety of delivery methods employed by our learning platforms meet learners where they live, providing access to virtual classrooms via computer, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices, but our assessment system also provides analog tracking methods by allowing for paper-based assessments to meet the needs of learners without access to computers or Internet.

The various assessment methods that our platforms use for learner analysis provide real-time data. Customizable reports offer the opportunity to adapt learning strategies as your learners provide the hard data needed to judge the efficiency of your training program. This flexibility is key to creating long-term learning strategies custom-tailored to the learners that are the intended audience of your virtual classroom.

The Keys to Objective Attainment: Create, Administer, Track, and Adapt

Outcomes are measured in hard data with Saba learning platforms, and objectives are met through the ability to measure and evolve the learning opportunities provided by your custom educational platforms. The tools needed to do this and  the expert advice that make it possible are provided by Saba thanks to our track record of training, e-learning, and educational program creation success across many industries and fields.

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