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Saba is an industry leader providing Learning Management Systems that engage all learning types through a fully integrated learning system that puts all aspects of learning together into a single unified platform. By providing access to learning opportunities via applications with which learners are familiar, such as email, web access, mobile applications, and even Google Sync, Saba increases learning efficiency by meeting learners where they already live.

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 Saba’s innovative Social business platform promotes informal, collaborative, and community-based learning that enables continuous learning and real-time knowledge sharing between employees, partners, and customers. Additionally, Saba social learning helps companies to unlock critical tacit knowledge from the retiring workforce, engage new generations of employees with collaborative interfaces, and rapidly build new skills across the organization to respond to the changing business landscape.

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Automation of the learning process increases learner efficiency and organizational cost-effectiveness by reducing reliance on outmoded methods of training or learning. The end effect is a better experience for both the learner and the organization.

Learning Management Systems Enable Multiple Learning Styles

Saba has the template in place with Learning Management Systems that are prepared to meet your learners where and when they learn best. By engaging learners in ways that are familiar to them and then providing both assessment and reinforcement of gained knowledge, our Learning Management Systems ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Social learning via Learning Management Systems provides new opportunities for organizations to engage today’s learners in ways that they are most capable of learning. An open community setting promotes cross-employee learning and knowledge sharing, a new type of knowledge reinforcement particularly preferred by Millennial learners. It also provides high performers an opportunity to stay current and connected with their fellow members of your organization, engaging them in leadership opportunities and decreasing your organization’s risk of losing its high performers.

Mobile learning opportunities provided by Saba’s Learning Management Systems engage today’s learners via media and devices with which they are already comfortable. Learners can engage standards-based courseware and content anywhere and anytime by downloading, viewing, and interacting with course materials on mobile devices online or offline. In a more stationary environment, an entire team can engage a single lesson by logging into courses together on a single device and participating in group learning, a practice that enhances team-building and organizational learning efficiency.

Our Learning Management Systems take training to a new level by replacing outdated verbal training methodologies that neglect multiple learning styles and instead engaging learners on multiple levels. This provides new opportunities for growth that simply did not exist in the past. Knowledge is validated and reinforced by allowing learners to access materials repeatedly, and assessment tools track progress on those materials to show evidence of achievement.

Saba Learning Management Systems for All Industries

Saba Learning Management Systems are a boon to all industries. Whether you are training new employees in making a signature sandwich correctly, preparing a recent hire for a trade certification, onboarding a manager and providing necessary details of business operations, or preparing the new Vice-President with insight into the functioning of your organization’s many essential departments, providing knowledge to your learners in ways that are accessible, understandable, and reinforced is essential. No matter what knowledge needs to be retained and transmitted within your organization, standardizing that information and distributing it to your learners in a way that they can absorb saves your organization both time and money.

The key is access and availability to the learner. Saba’s Learning Management Systems provide the knowledge core that learners can engage at their pace and in their learning style via devices that they already know. Increased learning efficiency and skills assessment of newly hired learners and access to and retention of organizational knowledge in succession planning are ensured when your organization trains its future workforce with Learning Management Systems provided by Saba.

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